What is Batteryquery?

Hello there,

Are you looking for a battery for your car?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place, and welcome to the Batteryquery! It’s where you’ll find all types of portable and alternative energy solutions for your car.

The site is operated by a group of expert people with extensive knowledge about batteries and their accessories. Each member is conscious of the persistent challenges with a vision to offer you the ultimate solution in terms of efficiency, high performance, reliability, and durability.

Here on this site, “Batteryquery,” you’ll find every single solution regarding your car battery. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the whole car battery technicalities or have been using it the wrong way; we offer solutions to both. With our buyer’s guides, you can easily find the best car battery for sedans, SUVs, trucks, RVs, and more.

Finding the right car battery has been a hassle for most; it should not be one, anymore. Let the Batteryquery experts lead you to the right car battery that matches all your car’s requirements.

Follow our in-depth buyer guides. We’ve handpicked a ton of car batteries so far to suggest the right ones for different use cases. Read the guide you need now!

Who We Are?

Luis Johnson

Luis Johnson is a power equipment professional and automobile technician. He’s also the founder of this site, Batteryquery. By profession, Luis is a businessman who operates a car workshop. While dealing with his customer, he found that most vehicle owners don’t have adequate knowledge about their car’s battery.

Therefore, they often purchase the wrong one and face complexity later. Considering this matter, Luis created this site with a bunch of power equipment professionals to help people purchase the right battery for their vehicles.

Anthony D. Davis

Anthony is the chief editor of this site, Batteryquery. He’s an automobile engineer and working as a development engineer for a renowned electric car manufacturing Company. As a development engineer of an electric car Company, he has done a lot of research on power equipment tools like batteries and others.

So, in terms of knowledge, there is simply nothing he doesn’t know about the car’s battery, which inspires us to hire him on our team. Besides working here as a chief editor, he’s also leading our research team, and under his guidance, the whole investigation team conducts their surveys.

Bill W. Briggs

Bill is a research writer and the head of our writing team. After completing his graduation in Linguistic and journalism, he started writing as his career. It’s been almost fifteen years since he’s doing writing as his profession.

During this long period, he worked for many renowned magazine firms, journals, blogs, and websites. His excellency in writing is he could make things very simple and easier for the audience. And that’s why: bringing him into our team and deploying him as the writing team head.

Our Review Process

Earning your trust is our only goal, and our success relies on that. To earn your trust with reliable products, we have designed a well-organized systematic process for our product review process.

As you already know, we have a team of expert people to guide you in purchasing the right product according to your need. At the beginning of our review process, we split our team members into small groups and assigned them a particular task based on their knowledge and skills.

Once the task is assigned, the first group studies and analysis the product and market. After a thorough investigation, we make a preliminary list of the best product of the top brands.

Then our editorial team re-check the products to determine their core features and separated the product for final review based on the main features. Once the final products are selected, our editorial studies their real buyer’s reviews to get the real-life experience of these products.

Next, we rank our selected products based on their characteristics. The better the product, the higher the rank it got. And our last and final task is to review and prepare buying guidelines based on our research findings.


Humans will make mistakes; as humans, we’re not out of that either. But we can assure you that we go through a fact-checking process to correct our mistakes. And it’s one of the most crucial stages in our product review process.

Besides, the best thing is that it boosts our confidence and inspires us to complete all tasks accurately. It helps us to identify our unintentional mistakes and fix them quickly. After completing the fact-checking process, we can assure you that all the information you get here is errorless and authentic.

Editorial Guidelines

We have strong editorial guidelines for the product review process, and our team members are strictly bound to that. From the beginning to the ending, we’ve designed a well-organized systematic process to guide you to a reliable product according to your need.

We value the faith you keep in us and ensure our mistakes never break your trust. We conduct deep research and investigation to deliver the latest and error-less information. Moreover, our team always focuses on the core topic and ensures our articles are easy to understand.