Can I Use a Marine Battery in My Car?

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Marine batteries are powered deep batteries that are designed and manufactured for boats specifically. Many motor enthusiasts question whether it is safe to operate any marine battery in their car. The answer to this question differs at times depending on the usage and the state of the batteries.

You can easily operate a marine battery in your vehicle under specific conditions. The marine battery will need to be a 12V battery. The marine battery will also have to meet certain requirements about its size, CCA rate, terminal positions, and voltage.

Let’s take a look at exactly how you can use a marine battery in your car instead of a normal car battery.

How Can I Use a Marine Battery in My Car? All You Need to Know?

Car batteries are designed to provide huge electricity to ignite the car. The battery is only used during the starting of your engine and stays idle for the time being.

Can I Use a Marine Battery in My Car

On the other hand, marine batteries combine both starter and deep cycle housing batteries. These batteries can supply energy over an extended period of time. Hence, they are stronger and more expensive than a car battery.

In case you have decided to use a marine battery in your car, you will need to replace the already installed battery in your car. Here is a step-by-step detailed guide on how to use a marine battery in your car:

Figure Out The Battery Size

There are a lot of important things to consider while installing a marine battery in your car. The required size of the battery is one of the most critical things you need to be sure about before getting a new battery.

Firstly, determine the amount of power needed for your specific model of car. Along with that, the marine battery’s amp hour rating needs to be greater than the amount of power it needs. The voltage of the marine battery should also match the car battery.

You can look up the specifications of the marine battery and your car to figure out what size and type of battery you will require. Otherwise, you can consult an automobile expert and get his recommendation.

Buy The Marine Battery

Plenty of types and powered marine batteries are available on the market now. But once you are done figuring out which kind of marine battery you need, the choices should narrow down a lot.

Buy The Marine Battery

While shopping for a marine battery, you have three types of choices. You can consider them and get the one that fits your budget and requirements.

  • Lead Acid Battery – These can be your cheapest option but also have a short lifespan.
  • AGM Battery – Good for a medium budget and has a moderate lifespan.
  • Gel Battery – The most expensive type but also lasts the longest.

Install The Marine Battery In The Car

Installing the marine battery in your car is not much different than how you install a normal car battery. Follow these steps in order to install the battery:

  • Firstly, open the hood of the car and find your car battery. Removing it from the car will be your first job.
  • You will find the battery inside a plastic casing.
  • There will be two battery cables connected to the two battery terminals. Find the clamps at the end of the cables.
  • Loosen up the clamps of the cables carefully by using a screwdriver and remove them from the battery terminals completely.
  • Take the car battery out of the plastic casing.
  • Insert the new marine battery safely inside the plastic casing in the proper manner.

Connect The Battery Cables To The Marine Battery

Once the marine battery is inside the plastic casing safely, you will need to connect the battery cables properly. Always be careful about two conditions while connecting the battery cables. They are-

  • The negative battery terminal marked (-) will be connected to the negative end of the cable.
  • The positive battery terminal marked (+) will be connected to the positive end of the cable.

Connecting the battery cables in the wrong way could be very dangerous for everyone involved. So, make sure the cables are connected to the right terminals.

Connect The Battery Charger

After you are done with the installation process, the battery needs to be charged. You can not charge the marine battery directly from a power outlet. You will need a connector in order to start charging the battery.

Follow these steps to connect the charger to your battery and start charging:

  • Plug the power cord into an outlet convenient to you.
  • Get the battery connector that is right for your battery type.
  • Insert the battery connector into the battery until you hear it click into place properly.
  • The battery will start charging once the setup is complete.
  • When the battery is fully charged, the light on the charger will turn green.

What Are The Differences Between A Car Battery And A Marine Battery?

A few key differences between a car and a marine battery set them apart from each other. Some of the most prominent differences are mentioned below.

What Are The Differences Between A Car Battery And A Marine Battery

The Lead Plates

Car batteries are made of lots of thinner lead plates. It acts as a starter battery and is less durable.

Marine batteries consist of heavier and thicker lead plates. It is a combination between both a starter and a deep-cycle battery.

Energy Distribution

Car batteries only provide a fixed amount of energy while starting up the engine. On the other hand, marine batteries provide a lot of energy throughout the whole time. These batteries are basically a powerhouse of energy.

Battery Size

In terms of size, marine batteries are a lot bigger than car batteries. Marine batteries can be in the size of 95f. On the other hand, car batteries are only 24f-65f in size.

To find a compatible marine battery to fit into your car, you will have to look for comparatively smaller marine batteries.


Marine batteries are the most durable batteries out there with their heavy lead plates. These batteries can withstand rough environments with heavy pressure and high temperature.

On the other hand, car batteries are way less durable than that. They can’t handle excessive pressure on them except for engine temperature and vibration.

Selecting the Perfect Kind Of Battery For Your Car

When choosing a marine battery to use in your car, there are certain criteria the battery needs to fulfill. Keep in mind that these factors play a very important role in your battery working well for your car.

  • The marine battery has to be 12 volts.
  • The battery’s CCA (cold cranking amp) rating must be at least 7.2V.
  • RC (reserve capacity) rating of the battery has to be 25 amps.
  • The battery size needs to be a suitable battery group size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a few commonly asked questions regarding the safety and mechanisms of using a marine battery in the car. We will try to answer some of the most asked questions in this segment.

How Long Will A Marine Battery Last In A Car?

Generally, a marine battery should last four to five years in a car if it is maintained well. Of course, it can change depending on the type and age of the battery. If you are using the wrong kind of battery, it can only last a year or less too.

Can A Car Battery Charger Charge Marine Batteries?

Yes, a car battery charger can charge a marine battery pretty well. The charging speed, in this case, might be a little slow, but it will do the job nonetheless. So there is no need to get a new charger as long as the charger has a suitable voltage amount.

What Is A Marine Battery Good For?

A marine battery is a deep cycle battery that can charge and discharge without shortening its life. They are a powerhouse and can provide a sustained high amount of power for a long time.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, you can surely use a marine battery in your car as long as the battery fulfills certain requirements. However, it is not without its own shortcomings and drawbacks.

Marine batteries are more durable and environmentally friendly overall than a normal car battery. It might not be at its full potential while being used in a car, but it is still a great source of power for your car.

A marine battery is more affordable than a standard car battery, so you can totally go for it if you are short on budget while getting a new battery for your car.

Hi, I'm Luis Johnson, an automobile technician, and power equipment professional. By profession, I'm a businessman and operate a car workshop. I have created this site Batteryquery to help people purchase the right battery for their vehicles. The reason behind creating this site is to help my customers purchase the right car battery who often purchase the wrong one due to their lack of knowledge.

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