Car Battery Dead Will It Recharge By Itself – Is It True Or Not? 

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A car holds a pretty impressive and complex mechanism. It does not only help us to move forward, it can also charge its battery. Incredible? Yes, Today we are going to talk about a car battery dead will it recharge by itself?

It may take some effort to understand the answer to the complex question. Yet, the answer is yes. A car can recharge its dead battery by its power generating facility through an alternator. Therefore, if the vehicle is running, it can charge the dead battery. Other than this, the answer is negative, as always. The engine and alternator will not generate any energy to transfer to the battery.

However, today we shall only focus on the car battery facts and eventually, you will learn if a car battery dead will it recharge by itself or not.

So let’s jump into depth about recharging a dead battery.

Car Battery Dead Will It Recharge By Itself – Learn The Logic

Generally, a car battery can’t be recharged if the engine does not run. Now let’s know about the car battery and its recharging process with its tasks.

Car Battery Dead Will It Recharge By Itself - Is It True Or Not 

Basics Of A Car Battery

Before going to the core of a car battery, you must know several facts regarding that. A car battery is an instrument which serves the initial power demand of your car before the engine start. But, it has no capability to generate energy.

The primitive tasks are storing the energy from a power supplying or generating source and serving the energy when connected with electrical power consuming tools.

There is no other task a battery can do, whether a car battery or a small dry cell. That was all about a general battery’s tasks.

Steps A Car Follows To Recharge Its Battery

The alternator is responsible for charging the battery. The steps are given below,

  1. When you press the ignition, a vehicle takes energy from a battery to create the spark in the spark plug.
  2. After that, those plugs burn the fuel and the cylinder moves up and down. Meanwhile, the cylinder rotates the crankshaft which is connected to an alternator with a belt.
  3. The alternator consists of magnets and rotating the magnets generates electricity, also known as mechanical energy. Lastly, the alternator transfers the energy to the battery and recharges it.
alternator transfers the energy

Steps To Follow When Car Battery Is Dead

When your car battery is dead, or you find no response from your car while igniting, you have to take the necessary steps. Moreover, it is not a rare case that we face. However, the steps are explained below that you can take.

Jump Start

A jump start is the most effective way to start a car and recharge a dead battery. But we must keep in mind that this process only works if the battery is not expired or the water is not completely dissolved.

  • First, to charge the battery, you will need another car. And make sure that the car would serve the energy from its battery runs for 10 mins at least.
  • Second, take the jumper cable and open the bonnet of both cars.
  • After that, attach the cables to the (+) and (-) points. Car battery manufacturers mark the ends with black and red colors so that people may find it easy to understand the positive and negative points.
Jump Start
  • Finally, after attaching the wires with the points of both car batteries with the cables, let it rest for 5 seconds and turn the ignition.

The engine will start within one or two ignitions, and meanwhile, the engine will begin recharging the dead battery.

After performing this method, you must run the engine for at least 15 minutes so that it can provide the battery with adequate energy to store and start the vehicle later.

Home Electricity Outlet

Another way to recharge your car battery is using an inverter. When you are at home and no car owner agrees to help you, you can restore your car battery if you have an inverter.

But there is a pitfall of this method, and that is it will harm the battery if you use it frequently.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. First, set the inverter and attach the cables to the car battery. Before that, you must notice if the inverter is appropriate for 12 V; otherwise, the result can be disastrous.
  2. Second, after attaching the cable by maintaining colors. The color is the indication of the point. The black color means the negative point, and the red one is positive. Attach the red wire to the battery’s red point and the black color with the metal surface of the car.
  3. Thirdly, you need to start the inverter, and it will begin to recharge your car battery instantly. And you may see a set of LED lights that will indicate the charge status of the battery.

It generally takes 20 to 30 mins to turn a dead battery alive. And the process is pretty faster than other methods. So, you must keep your eyes on the inverter continuously.

Solar Panel

The third method from our consideration is the solar panel. We kept it last because it only works if you use the solar system as the primary power supply.

Moreover, solar panels take energy from the solar system and store it in a 12 V battery.

The steps are pretty straightforward, and those are,

  • Turn off the solar panel.
  • Detach the existing battery of the solar panel and attach the car battery.
Solar Panel
  • After that, you will notice the solar panel inverter starts showing the battery’s charge status.
  • Lastly, turn on the solar, and it will recharge the battery within a short while.

Though it is the easiest step, it generally takes more time than other options.


Though the concept of a car battery is pretty much clear and easy to understand, we found plenty of confusion that people face.

How Long Does It Take A Car Battery To Recharge Itself?

Generally, it varies from vehicle to vehicle. Yet, 20 to 40 mins are the average time a car takes to recharge its battery.

Will A Car Battery Recharge By Itself?

If the engine is running, the car’s alternator will generate power and transfer the energy to the battery and recharge it. But when the engine is off, there is no chance that the battery will be recharged by itself.

Can A Battery Recharge After Being Dead?

Yes, we can charge it. If the engine runs, the car’s alternator will generate and transfer the energy to the dead battery and recharge it. But if the battery lacks water and sulfuric acid, there is no charge storing system.


A car’s alternator has the ability to recharge a battery. But without the support of the battery to start the engine for a few seconds is impossible. So, car battery dead will it recharge by itself? The answer is yes if the car engine is running. And no, if the car engine is resting.

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