H8 Vs H9 Battery: Everything You Need To Know

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Do you know the difference between H8 and H9 batteries? If not, you’re not alone! A lot of people don’t know the difference, but it’s an important distinction to make when choosing a battery for your car.

However, the main differences between H8 and H9 batteries lie in dimensions, weight, capacity, RC ratings, and CCA ratings. In terms of appearance, H9 batteries look bulkier and heavier than H8 batteries. They also run for a longer period of time than H8 batteries.

There are a lot more comparisons left in the showdown of “H8 vs H9 battery”. We advise you to continue reading further if you want to know the comparisons between them.

Overview of H8 Car Battery

SpecificationH8 Car battery
BCI Group Size49
CCA Rating900
RC Rating160 minutes
Battery TechnologyAGM

H8 Batteries, also known as Group 49 batteries in terms of BCI, are excellent batteries for cars and trucks. They are generally used for their dual-purpose nature, which means they can either be used for heavy activities or used for running other appliances in the car while the main engine is switched off.

H8 Car Battery

They are built to resist vibration more and recover much more quickly after being discharged. These are the things we liked and disliked about the H8 batteries.

What we liked about the H8 batteries
  • Weighs less
  • Has a high RC rating
  • More resistance to vibration of the car
  • AGM, SLA integrated into most H8 batteries
What we disliked about the H8 batteries
  • The lifespan of dual-purpose activities might get shortened with every deep discharge.

Overview of H9 Car Battery

SpecificationH9 Car battery
BCI Group Size95R
CCA Rating950
RC Rating190 minutes
Battery TechnologyAGM

The H9 Car Battery, also known as 95R in terms of BCI, is also an excellent car battery that has high reviews on almost all car review forums. It is much larger than H8 car batteries in dimensions and weight, but it compensates with its higher performance rating.

H9 Car Battery

Its CCA rating is around 950Amps, which is an improvement compared to H8 batteries. Alongside that, it has a higher RC time period allowing more work to be done. Now, we shall tell you about the things we liked and disliked about the H9 Car Battery.

What we liked about the H9 Car Battery
  • Higher RC rating
  • Well appreciated by car owners
  • Higher CCA rating
  • Higher MCA rating
What we disliked about the H9 Car Battery
  • More expensive than H8 batteries
  • More weight

H8 vs H9 Battery: Comparison Chart

Now that we have given you a quick overview of both batteries, it is time we show you a quick comparison between the two. This table lists some notable comparisons between these batteries.

FactorsH8 Car BatteryH9 Car Battery
BCI Group Size4995R
Weight20.5 lbs60 lbs
CCA Rating900950
RC Rating160 minutes190 minutes
TechnologyAGM, SLAAGM
Pricing (Average)$300$250
Warranty3 years2-3years

What Are The Differences Between H8 And H9 Batteries?

Now that you have taken a quick look at the comparison chart, it is time for us to discuss the differences in detail. We shall go through the major differences between these batteries and explain which one is better than the other.

H8 vs H9 Battery

Battery Group Size

According to BCI (Battery Council International), the battery group size of an H8 battery is Group 49. whereas the battery group size of the H9 battery is Group 95R.

The differences in the names stand for the differences in their dimensions. In the H8 battery, the average dimension that is found is 353 * 175 * 190 mm. For H9 batteries, the average dimension is a bit different than the H8 ones, 394 * 175 * 190 mm.

This shows that the H9 batteries are a bit larger compared to the H8 batteries. If you have a small space for your car battery, it is best that you go for an H8 battery. However, if space is not an issue for you, you should still buy an H9 battery.

Terminal Position

The terminal positions of both batteries remain the same. Both have started to use the SAE post for terminal types and have two terminals on top of their batteries. Also, both battery types provide an average of 12 volts

However, even after having similar specifications, H9 batteries are able to utilize their 12V power more due to other higher ratings such as RC, CCA ratings, etc. Therefore, we would suggest you get an H9 battery for your car.

Cold Cranking Ability (CCA) Rating

A good CCA rating determines whether or not the performance of a battery is worthwhile. Generally, H8 batteries are able to provide an average CCA rating of 900. Similarly, H9 batteries exceed the H8 ones by having an average CCA rating of 950.

The difference might not seem much, but the H9 batteries are able to perform much better in colder conditions compared to H8 batteries. If you own a small car, we would suggest you get an H8 battery. It should be enough to run the car properly.

However, a much larger vehicle, like a large truck, requires higher CCA ratings and more headstart power. In such cases, owning an H9 battery would be much better than an H8 battery.

Reserve Capacity (RC)

Having a higher reserve capacity for the battery ensures more safety while riding a vehicle. An H8 battery will be able to provide you with a reserve capacity of 160–170 minutes. On the other hand, H9 batteries have a reserve capacity of 180–190 minutes.

We would suggest you grab an H9 battery if you believe you will need your battery to support your work more. Still, it is also a good idea to consult with your local garage about your car’s ideal reserve capacity.

Power Requirement and Charging Time

Both H8 and H9 batteries require a similar power requirement of 12V. There are 6 cells in their battery, with each cell containing 2V. In terms of power requirements, both are equivalent. However, a difference arises during the charging period.

In general, it takes approximately 12 hours to fully recharge your battery. Due to the small size of the H8 battery, it is able to hold less power and thus requires a smaller charging time than H9 batteries.

Our experts have tested out batteries from different companies and have found an average difference of 30-60 minutes during the charging period. The charging time may vary with different companies’ batteries and might not match our data.


H8 and H9 batteries might be great car batteries, but they would still require some maintenance or servicing from time to time. There is no specific period for maintenance, but try checking it every 6 months.

H9 batteries might be better overall, but it’s best if you constantly keep them under surveillance. Since it uses more power, it is more likely to require more maintenance than H8 batteries.


An average car battery’s warranty remains for 2 years generally. However, H8 and H9 batteries have a higher warranty time period compared to the average warranty period.

Generally, you can expect a 3-year warranty for H8 batteries. H9 batteries, on the other hand, come with a three-year warranty. But the time might vary for H9 batteries since they cost more to make.

Therefore, if you are looking for assurance in car batteries, we would suggest you go to get an H8 car battery for your vehicle.

H8 Or H9 Battery: Which One Should You Choose?

H8 and H9 are wonderful car batteries to choose from. However, there is a proper distinction between them. If you happen to own a small truck or a car, H8 batteries might just fit your requirements perfectly.

However, for a heavy-duty truck, H8 batteries might not be the best option. We would prefer the H9 batteries, as they provide a longer backup and have much better ratings than the H8 batteries in general.

Still, we advise you to check with your local store and see which battery is going to be ideal for your car. Moreover, every car differs from one others, and hence, asking for a professional’s help will also be a good call.


Even after reading this article, you might have questions lingering in your mind. Do not fret at all! We have arranged some FAQs for you to clear your doubts instantly.

Which One Is Cheaper: H8 Or H9 Car Batteries?

The prices tend to differ from company to company due to brand value. However, after doing some calculations, we found out that H8 batteries are cheaper than H9 batteries on average. You can buy a good H8 car battery for $250 or less.

Is Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Present In Both H8 And H9 Batteries?

Yes! Most of the H8 and H9 batteries have an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) in them. This provides extra protection to the battery by not allowing the acid to spill and destroy the surrounding parts. Also, it makes the car batteries much more resistant to vibration.

Can You Jumpstart H8 And H9 Car Batteries?

Absolutely! This is a lifesaver during emergency situations such as a dead battery. If you know the procedures for jumpstarting, you should be able to smoothly restart your car battery through a jump cable. If you do not happen to know it, we advise you to contact a professional and let them handle it.

Can You Replace Your Old H8 Battery With A New H9 Battery?

This depends from car to car! As you already know, the dimensions of an H9 car battery are much bigger than an H8 one. Therefore, if you have the space to place your H9 battery, then it is possible.

But before replacing it with an H9 battery, we would suggest you contact your local garage and check if your car is compatible with an H9 battery.


We hope that you have learned much from this article. Summing up the whole article, H9 car batteries are better than H8 batteries on an overall scale. This includes multiple ratings, backup time periods, and so on.

We would kindly ask you to keep your battery safe and handle it with care. Batteries are sensitive items and contain harmful substances inside them. Any damage to the battery could eventually lead to further damage to your car and even yourself!

Therefore, check the battery from time to time and handle it with gloves. You would not want to give yourself a shock while handling them, right? I hope this was a good read for you! Have a good day!

Hi, I'm Luis Johnson, an automobile technician, and power equipment professional. By profession, I'm a businessman and operate a car workshop. I have created this site Batteryquery to help people purchase the right battery for their vehicles. The reason behind creating this site is to help my customers purchase the right car battery who often purchase the wrong one due to their lack of knowledge.

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