How to Convert a Car Battery Into a Power Outlet without Inverter?

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So, you have a car battery, be it spare or not; and you want to run other electronics with its power. Now, there are two ways to achieve such a goal:

  • One: you clip the negative and positive, and light it up.
  • Two: you build a power outlet that you can reuse without getting your hands dirty.

You’ve decided to build an outlet. But how to convert a car battery into a power outlet without inverter?

Well, if you’re talking about running electronics that draw DC power, you don’t need an inverter at all. However, if you want to run electronics that require AC power, you’re going to need an inverter.

Why so? Turns out, that 2DC can be converted into AC only through an inverter! Whether you build one or buy one!

Let’s talk about both and help you build a power outlet to use paired with your car battery.

How to Convert a Car Battery Into a Power Outlet without Inverter

Is It Possible To Turn A DC Battery Into An AC Outlet?

Simply put, if you have a DC power source or a battery, it’s not the same as having a power source you get from the grid. If you want to convert the DC electricity into AC, you must change the waveform and the very nature of the power.

Therefore, you must use an inverter to convert the DC battery’s power into AC to run the regular electronics in any house. With an inverter, you can easily convert the 12V power output of a car battery into a 120V AC output and make a usable outlet as well!

How To Convert A Car Battery Into A Power Outlet

Okay, it’s disappointing that you can’t convert DC into AC without using an inverter. But hear this out:

If you’re planning on running electronics that draw DC electricity, you can make an outlet without an inverter just fine! You don’t need an inverter to make a DC outlet using a regular 12V car battery.

How To Make A DC Power Outlet Without Inverter

You’re running DC electronics with DC power. In this case, the power source is the battery. So, let’s show you how to make a power outlet for DC electronics without using an inverter:

Things you’ll need:

  • The battery itself (A deep cycle is best)
  • A battery box (From Walmart)
  • A 12V DC cigarette outlet
  • Push-in wire connectors (2 and 3 port ones)
  • An Electric battery charger
  • Ring Terminals
  • An Inline Fuse Holder
  • Fuses (10-30 amps)
  • 14 gauge black & red electrical wires
  • Daisy chain
  • On/Off Power switch
  • A drill machine (step bits)
  • A solar port (If you want)
  • Wire stripper
  • A needle nose pliers

Alright, here’s the plan with a schematic template you could use:

How To Make A DC Power Outlet Without Inverter

And here are the steps to make the power outlet:

Trace And Drill

Trace And Drill

First, you have to trace out where the outlet holes will be and get your drill to work. Make sure to drill the holes to a side of the battery box whereas the battery will be on the other side.

Cut The Wires

Cut a few pieces of wires in 4-5 inches with a wire cutter. Then strip out the ends of them using a wire stripper. The wires should be the same in length, and you will cut equal pieces and lengths from the black and red.

Cut The Wires

Connect In Series

Connect In Series

Now, twist the ends of the wires so that you can easily push them through the connectors. Connect the wires in series using the push-in wire connectors and the female disconnectors. Make use of the schematic chart above.

Get The Fuse In Line

Once all the positive (red) and negative (black) wires are connected in series, connect the inline fuse connector at the end of the positive connection. The fuse will act as a shield for the battery and blow off in case of overload.

Check And Finish

Before you finish off the connections, make sure you have all the connections in place without cross-connections between negative and positive. Doing this externally helps you inspect things before finally attaching them.

Check And Finish

Connect The Outlet

Now, connect the outlet to the holes you drilled earlier. A 2-in-1 outlet like this one gives you complete control and the ports that come with it are all you need in case you’re camping out or need a portable powerhouse.

Connect The Outlet

Finish it off

Put the battery in, and connect all the wires in their place. And finally, connect the battery using the ring connection terminals you’ve attached to the positive and negative ends of the wiring. Once done, you should have a proper output of 12V or more, powering all the ports as well.

Finish it off

Here’s a complete video tutorial on how to make a DC power outlet with a battery without an inverter:

How To Make An AC Power Outlet Using An Inverter

Getting a DC power outlet up and running is easy; it takes time but has no complexity within. But what about if you want AC output? Here is the step-by-step process of making an AC power outlet using a DC battery:

Things you’ll need:

  • The battery (Deep cycle is best)
  • A DC to AC inverter (12V DC to 120V AC)
  • Power plugs and sockets
  • Battery terminals
  • Surge protectors (Fuses)
  • Fly twist terminals
  • accessory socket(s)
  • Pliers and tools

Here are the steps you’ll have to go through:

How To Make An Ac Power Outlet Using An Inverter

Connect the battery: Take the battery, connect it to the terminals and be sure to clean the entire junction first. This will help you get the connection at its full potential.

Connect the Inverter: Connect the inverter to the inverter. It should be capable of 12V batteries and the output can be 1000 to 2000 watts, or as per your power requirements.

The surge protector: Now, connect the surge protector to the output ports of the inverter that powers up the appliances.

Connect electronics: Now, you can use this connected system by connecting a power outlet for your electronics. You can run anything from charging a phone, to running a mini fridge.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can do the connections:

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Last Words

Putting your spare car battery into work is a great idea, especially if you’re a DIY guy or go outdoor adventure often. However, since the battery is only DC, you can only make a DC outlet off of it.

And now you know how to convert a car battery into a power outlet without inverter as it doesn’t need one. But if you’re interested in AC output, we’ve also showed how you can utilize an inverter.

With the AC and inverter method, you can use your car battery just like you use a wall outlet at your home.

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