How to Reset Car Computer Without Disconnecting Battery? [4 Effective Methods in 2023]

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It’s happened to all of us. You’re driving along and all of a sudden your car’s computer screen goes blank. You have no idea what’s going on, and you don’t know how to reset car computer without disconnecting battery. This can be a huge hassle, especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Well, there are several ways to reset the car computer or the Engine Control Module (ECM) without disconnecting the battery. Some even came up with a DIY (Do It Yourself) process. You can reset the car computer by turning on the ignition or holding the computer reset button. We will explain it more clearly in further discussion. 

Resetting the car’s computer is not rocket science; you don’t need to be an automotive expert for this. It takes little time and is quite simple.

What Is A Car Computer And What Does It Do?

A car computer also referred to as an ECM (Engine Control Module), is an electronic control device that keeps the internal combustion engine operating at its most effective level by controlling a number of actuators. The term “Carputer” is also used to refer to a car computer.

With an ECM, one can manage various aspects related to a car. This computer can provide fuel levels, engine conditions, and other crucial information needed for a safe and comfortable trip. Nowadays, car computers are able to adjust car seats, windows, volume, and air conditioners.

Users can connect their cell phones and make calls via Bluetooth. That’s not all, you can see how fast you are driving and where you are driving. You can set the source and destination for navigation assistance when the road is unknown.

How to Reset Car Computers Without Disconnecting Battery?

Although the procedure for resetting the car’s computer varies depending on the model and manufacturer, the general process should be the same for all. We strongly advise consulting the car’s owner’s manual for comprehensive instructions.

How to Reset Car Computer Without Disconnecting Battery

However, we will break down 4 methods that will guide you to reset the car computer or ECU without disconnecting the battery. Let’s start with the first method –

Method 1: Reset the Car Computer When the Battery is Off

Make sure the battery is off before going through this process. However, depending on your car model, you don’t need to disconnect the battery.

  1. If your car has an ignition key, remove it from the ignition, then shut the vehicle off.
  2. Look for guidelines on the official website by searching for your car’s exact brand and model.
  3. The main fuse box often remains beside the car’s battery in most vehicles. Once you find it, remove the fuse cover and pull the fuse that has a “Back Up” or “ECM” tag.
  4. To fully discharge the ECM wires, pump the brakes several times.
  5. At this point, leave the fuses for more than 15 seconds and then, place them back inside the fuse box.
  6. Start the engine and take your car for test driving to check if the computer has been reset or not.


In some cases, the automaker will advise you to cut the ground cable or negative cable of your car battery terminal from the battery. Please seek the advice of an experienced technician if you aren’t entirely sure how to do this.

Method 2: Reset the Car Computer When the Battery is On

Unlike the first method, you can leave the car’s battery on. But there is no need to disconnect the battery from your car.

  1. Just like the previous method, locate the main fuse box. You should find it inside the engine bay, near the battery.
  2. Remove the fuse cover and pull out the fuse that is marked with “ECM” or “Back Up”. The task of pulling will become easier by using a fuse plier.
  3. After disconnecting the fuse, leave it for at least 10 minutes. Then, replace it inside the fuse box properly and cover the fuse box.
  4. After waiting for a few minutes, start the engine and go for a drive in your vehicle. If you notice everything on the car’s computer is set to default or the engine lights are staying off, then congratulations, you have reset the car computer successfully without disconnecting the battery.

Method 3: The Do It Yourself (DIY) Process

While reading a popular forum, we came across this process. A particular guy successfully reset the car computer or ECU by applying the following steps –

  1. Ignite the car’s engine with a key or push the “Start” button twice. Although this will start the car, it will not make it run.
  2. Approximately three seconds after turning the engine on, press and release the gas pedal exactly five times within a time-lapse of 5 seconds. This should not be too fast.
  3. After waiting for 7 seconds, you must press the gas pedal and hold it for 10 seconds.
  4. Then, confirm whether the engine check lights begin blinking gradually.
  5. At this point, take your foot off the gas pedal and press it again for the last 10 seconds. This will make the engine check lights go off and then start blinking again more rapidly.
  6. After successfully completing all the steps, turn the car off and then on. You should notice your car’s computer or ECU is fully reset.

Method 4: By Pressing the Reset Button

This is the easiest of all the methods that we have discussed so far. Because it doesn’t require you to remove any fuses or disconnect the battery. However, you must have a reset button on the car’s computer.

  1. Depending on the brand and model, there should be a reset button close to the steering wheel. It is similar to a small silver/black button.
  2. Once you locate the button, press and hold it for 5 seconds.
  3. The car’s computer will start resetting after releasing the button. You can sit back and relax since this process takes around 10 minutes to complete.
  4. Once the reset process is complete, start the car and check if the computer has been reset.

Benefits of Resetting Your Car Computer

Of course, Resetting a car computer or ECU has various advantages. Here are some of the mentionable –

Resetting Your Car Computer
  • When you reset the car computer, it clears the error codes. This is the primary benefit.
  • Resetting the car computer will always make your car run smoothly.
  • Both the dashboard lights and the engine check lights will be clearly visible.
  • Resetting the car’s computer or ECU can sometimes resolve minor issues.
  • The navigation system will operate more effectively after resetting the car computer.
  • The car’s computer should be reset to improve the effectiveness of the modifications.
  • It can also resolve problems with FM radios.

What Are Some Common Problems That Can Occur When The Car Computer Isn’t Reset?

You will face some problems if you don’t reset your car’s computer. These problems are common when your ECU or car computer is not functioning properly. As a result, you will understand the crucial time to reset the car’s computer.

Engine Misfiring

The ECU is somehow related to adjusting the engine timing. If the ECU or car computer malfunctions, then the engine will misfire or stutter due to improper time adjustments.

engine misfiring

Engine Shut Down

Due to an ECU malfunction, there is an imbalance in the fuel-to-air ratio. You will notice your car runs slowly or will completely stop for no reason. Then, resetting the car’s computer can solve the problem if you find no other reason.

Sudden Acceleration Loss

Your car will not accelerate easily if there is a problem with the ECU, or car computer. It will fail to adjust the throttle, causing sudden acceleration drops.

Sudden Fuel Drop

If you notice the needle on the fuel gauge is pointing towards the red when there is enough fuel, you should know there is something wrong with the car’s computer or ECU. Resetting the car computer will be a good idea then.

Vehicle Won’t Start

A faulty ECU is one of the causes of the vehicle not starting, though there are many others. Attempt to start your car again after resetting the computer if you can’t find any problems.

Check Engine Light Turns On

This is one of the common problems that suggest you reset the car’s computer. If the car’s computer doesn’t function properly, the engine check light will remain on for no reason.

However, there can be many reasons for this. But if this occurs along with any of the above problems, then you should reset the ECU.

How To Tell If Your Car Computer Needs To Be Reset?

You shouldn’t perform an ECU or computer reset as part of routine maintenance. But if you think your car is causing problems due to an ECU or computer malfunction, then you can diagnose it. This will tell you whether your car computer needs to be reset or not.

How To Tell If Your Car Computer Needs To Be Reset

There are plenty of onboard diagnostic tools (such as OBD or OBD II) available. These tools will run some tests and check if there are any error codes. Before using any of the diagnostic tools, you should read the manual carefully since there are different meanings for different codes.

Perhaps, you can take a look at some of the following codes that will tell you that your car’s computer needs a reset.

  • P0600 Code: When these codes appear, you can guess there are sensor problems that are connected to the ECU. It can also mean your car’s computer is having some wiring issues.
  • P0606 Code: These codes indicate there are issues with the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or Engine Control Module (ECM). No matter what, giving the computer a rest is necessary then.
  • P0700 Code: These codes suggest issues that are related to either the Transmission Control Module (TCM) or Engine Control Module (ECM). In any case, it is necessary to give the computer a reset.

Final Words About Resetting a Car’s Computer

So, have you learned the procedure for resetting a car’s computer without removing the battery? If you have read this further, you should have an idea by now.

In a nutshell, erasing the programming codes will reset the car’s computer. These codes can occasionally get mixed up, leading to issues such as giving the wrong signals or failing to respond to commands when operating the car. You must be more careful at times like this.

And don’t forget to leave the battery disconnected for at least 15 seconds after resetting the car’s computer or ECU. After that, you can reconnect the battery for a stable performance. Thank you for reading this article. If there is anything that is unclear, please leave a comment.

Hi, I'm Luis Johnson, an automobile technician, and power equipment professional. By profession, I'm a businessman and operate a car workshop. I have created this site Batteryquery to help people purchase the right battery for their vehicles. The reason behind creating this site is to help my customers purchase the right car battery who often purchase the wrong one due to their lack of knowledge.

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