Who Makes Acdelco Batteries?

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If you own a car or are involved in any automobile business, you should know how crucial having a good battery is. This is because a bad battery can affect your car’s overall performance.

So, it is important to have a reliable battery on your vehicle. However, when it comes to automobile batteries, the Acdelco brand will stand out in the first position. But a question that perplexed most people is: Who makes Acdelco batteries?

In general, Acdelco batteries are subsidiary products of a giant company called General Motors (GM). However, GM doesn’t manufacture the Acdelco batteries. Middle East Battery Company, owned by Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls, typically manufactures Acdelco batteries for General Motors.

If you like to know more about the manufacturer of Acdelco batteries, continue reading the content until the end. Here you’ll find a comprehensive discussion about the Acdelco battery manufacturer.

A Short Overview of Acdelco Batteries?

Acdelco, formerly known as United Delco, is a leading automotive parts manufacturer in the USA. In 1961 William C. Durant founded Acdelco, but this company has been owned by General Motors (GM) since 1974. Now Acdelco works as a subsidiary brand of General Motors that sells and distributes Acdelco batteries.

Although General Motors owns the Acdelco company, Acdelco batteries can be used on other vehicles, including Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, or BMW. However, Acdelco batteries are neither manufactured by General Motors nor by Acdelco itself.

Then, who makes Acdelco batteries? Well, if you want to explore the manufacturer of the Acdelco batteries, check out the following section.

Who Makes Acdelco Batteries?

Acdelco batteries have gained massive popularity in the automobile industry. However, a common misconception most people have been that the manufacturer of the Acdelco batteries is GM Motors.

Who Makes Acdelco Batteries

In general, Acdelco batteries are manufactured by a giant battery manufacturing company: Middle East Battery Company, which is owned by Clarios.

It is typically one of the leading battery manufacturing industries based in Saudi Arabia. This company uses advanced technology to manufacture automobile batteries that help control the battery quality.

The owner of the Middle East Battery Company was General Motors. Later, GM sold its battery manufacturing plant to Johnson Controls. So essentially, GM partnered with the Middle East Battery Company to manufacture Acdelco batteries.

But in 2019, Johnson Controls again sold the Middle East Battery Company to Brookfield Business Partners and formed Clarios. So, Clarios is the present manufacturer of Acdelco batteries.

Different Types of Acdelco Batteries

You’ll find two major types of Acdelco batteries on the market. Below we’ve talked about these.

Different Types of Acdelco Batteries

1. Acdelco Gold Batteries (Professional)

Acdelco gold batteries are designed with break-resistant plastic, making them more durable than other batteries. Besides, this battery’s high-density negative paste helps prevent leakage and maintain its temperature. For that, Acdelco gold batteries come with a longer lifespan.

However, you’ll get a 42 months replacement warranty with Acdelco gold batteries. This will help you to keep peace of mind that you won’t have to spend any money on the battery within the warranty period.

2. Acdelco Silver Batteries (Advantage)

Acdelco silver batteries are built with sturdy, efficient, and durable in mind. For that, these batteries require less maintenance than any other batteries. The impact-resistant plastic cases will help you ensure that your battery lasts longer.

This also prevents the battery from any acid leakage and corrosion. However, you’ll also get an 18 months warranty, so you can service the battery without spending any cost.

Is Acdelco A Good Brand Of Batteries?

Acdelco is considered one of the top brands that manufacture high-quality automobile batteries. Here we’ve discussed some significant aspects of Acdelco batteries that will help you understand why most people choose this brand for their cars.

  • High-Quality Built Materials: Acdelco batteries are built with high-resistant plastic cases, making the battery more vibration-resistant. Besides, the batteries are sealed with high-density negative paste to prevent the battery from any acid leakage.
  • Perform Better: Compared to any other brand, Acdelco batteries perform excellently better. Due to the high cold cranking amp (CCA), you can ensure your car will get enough power to start even in the cold climate.
  • Excellent Capacity: Acdelco batteries are designed with a larger reservoir that helps hold charges for longer. Besides, the terminals of Acdelco batteries are corrosion free, making them maintenance-free.
  • Compatible with Many Vehicles: Although General Motors manufacture Acdelco batteries, you can use them in any other car, including Toyota, Mercedes, and BMW. There are different types of Acdelco batteries you’ll find on the market.
  • Decent Warranty: Acdelco batteries have a decent warranty ranging from 18 to 42 months. Within the warranty period, you can service or replace the battery without spending a single penny.

What to Do For Maintaining Acdelco Batteries? [Effective Tips]

Degradation is a common problem of most batteries that leads a battery to decrease its efficiency over time. However, following some measures, it is possible to decrease the degradation rate. For your help, below, we’ve pointed out some tips to help you maintain your Acdelco battery.

What to Do For Maintaining Acdelco Batteries
  • Check Voltage Regularly: By checking your battery voltage regularly, you can prevent a battery from breakdown or failing. To check a battery voltage, you can take the help of a qualified automobile mechanic or test the voltage yourself. In that case, you’ll just need a multimeter or voltmeter.
  • Charge the Battery Frequently: Leaving a battery unused for longer is a major reason to break down. So, you should charge the battery frequently, especially when you store the battery for longer.
  • Clean the Battery Regularly: If you don’t clean your battery regularly, dirt, grime, or dampness will accumulate on the battery’s surface. This will lead the battery terminals to corrosion and crack on the battery case. So, you should regularly clean the battery area with a sponge and dry cloth.
  • Avoid Using Additional Accessories: Using extra accessories such as interior lights, music systems, or something that drains the battery is another reason a battery dies earlier. So, avoid using additional accessories on your car that can cause the battery to drain faster.
  • Service Your Car On a Schedule Basis: It is a good habit to service your car on a scheduled basis. This will help you prevent any serious damage to your car. In that case, you’ll just have to take your vehicle to the nearest service center.

Alternatives to Acdelco Batteries

There is no doubt that Acdelco is an excellent brand for automobile batteries. However, you’ll also find some brands offering quality batteries with similar features. Here we’ve discussed some leading battery brands which are a good alternative to Acdelco.

1. Duralast Battery

Duralast is a popular brand in the battery industry that has recently caught huge attention. Batteries of this brand are typically made by three different manufacturers: Johnson Controls, East Penn, and Exide. For high performance, durability, reliability, and affordability, most people choose Duralast batteries.

2. Napa Battery

Like Duralast, Napa is a leading battery brand in the USA. East Penn, a giant manufacturer, typically makes Napa batteries. Due to high-quality built materials, split-proof, excellent vibration resistance, and decent warranty, Napa batteries gained good attention in the battery industry.

3. Deka Battery

Deka is another prominent battery brand that offers high-quality automobile batteries. However, Deka itself won’t manufacture batteries. East Penn Manufacturing Co. typically manufactures different batteries for Deka. Deka has been able to create good brand value by supplying high-quality batteries.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Acdelco Batteries

People have different questions about Acdelco batteries. That’s why here we’ve answered some frequently asked questions.

Who Sells Acdelco Battery?

General Motors (GM) parts stores and retail shops typically sell Acdelco batteries. Apart from GM stores, you’ll all find Acdelco batteries in all physical auto parts stores, such as Autozone and Walmart. However, you can also purchase Acdelco batteries from Acdelco online store, GM online store, and other reputed stores.

Is Acdelco Battery Worth the Price?

If you consider the quality and performance of an Acdelco battery, it is really worth the price. These batteries’ longer lifespan will help you avoid purchasing new batteries frequently. Besides, you’ll get a warranty with Acdelco batteries ranging from 18 to 42 months, ensuring your peace of mind.

How Long Does Acdelco Battery Last?

The average lifespan of Acdelco batteries is around three to five years, depending on the brand, maintenance, and driving style. However, you may find some Acdelco batteries with more than 5 years of lifespan.

Can I Have To Water Acdelco Batteries?

Maintenance-free is one of the crucial aspects of Acdelco batteries. Since a maintenance-free battery is designed never to need water, you don’t have to water your Acdelco battery.

How Do I Know When My Acdelco Battery Was Made?

You can easily determine when your Acdelco battery was made by checking the warranty code. In general, the warranty code of a battery is located on the top label. In the warranty code, you will see a character following three digits. The first digit indicates the month, and the third is the year of the battery’s manufacture date.

Final Words

So, this is all about the Acdelco battery manufacturer. Acdelco is a global battery brand that offers different types of automobile batteries. This brand is a subsidiary brand of General Motors (GM), which reaches high-quality Acdelco batteries worldwide.

Due to the larger capacity and low degradation, Acdelco is now one of the most demandable brands in the battery industry. Although most people are concerned about the manufacturer of the Acdelco batteries, hopefully, the concern will clear out after the blog.

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