Who Makes Autocraft Batteries – History And FAQ (Explained)

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AutoCraft batteries are well known for their long durability and reliability. However, it’s not clear to most people who exactly manufactures the AutoCraft batteries.

That’s why I’m here to enlighten you on the topic “who makes AutoCraft batteries”.

In short, Johnson Controls is the company that has been manufacturing AutoCraft batteries up until now. But, Advance Auto Parts, Inc. markets and sells them on their website. That’s the reason some people get confused regarding who exactly makes AutoCraft batteries.

Now, in order to understand deeper how these two companies work at a juncture, you have to spend a few more minutes in this post. So, read on!

Who Makes AutoCraft Batteries For Advance Auto Parts?

AutoCraft batteries are not manufactured by the Advance Auto Parts company. Rather, Johnson Controls manufactures the batteries for them. Or, Johnson imports these batteries for Advance Auto Parts, which are manufactured abroad.

Who Makes Autocraft Batteries

Now, although it’s not clearly and officially mentioned by Johnson Controls or Advance Auto Parts, we can estimate that Johnson Controls imports AutoCraft batteries from China.

It’s because Johnson Controls has several manufacturing plants in China and Chinese low-cost manufacturing contributes to the low price of this battery. However, Johnson Controls also has manufacturing plants in Wisconsin in the United States.

So, it is safe to assume that some AutoCraft batteries get manufactured in the United States as well. But, there’s no way for us consumers to pinpoint where each AutoCraft battery is manufactured.

Who Sells AutoCraft Batteries For Cars?

The main and only distributor of AutoCraft batteries in the United States is Advance Auto Parts. Therefore, Advance Auto Parts is responsible for the customer care support and marketing of AutoCraft batteries.

Who Sells AutoCraft Batteries For Cars

Advance Auto Parts is a United States-based company, currently headquartered in North Carolina. This century-old company first started its journey about 90 years ago in 1932, according to Wikipedia.

It’s a 3.7 billion dollar company that has more than 150 branches and about 5,000 stores across the United States and Canada. Jeffrey C. Smith is its current CEO.

Who Manufactures And Sells AutoCraft Batteries: History In Brief?

Starting its voyage in 1932, the Advance Auto Parts company made its first huge step in 1998. At that time, it acquired the main operations of another company by the name “Western Auto”. Later on, Advance Auto Parts also took over another company by the name “Carport Auto Parts” in April 2001.

Then, after many years of business in the automotive parts manufacturing industry, Advance Auto Parts made a deal with Walmart to create a specialty store on its website “walmart.com”.

In terms of factory location, Advance Auto Parts started its journey in Virginia in 1932, but it finally relocated to North Carolina in 2018.

Later on, Advance Auto Parts also acquired another battery brand by the name “DieHard”. By purchasing DieHard with a 200 million USD cash deal, Advance Auto Parts is now one of the largest battery and automotive part manufacturers worldwide and in the United States.

Nowadays, it manufactures different automotive products and parts in its own plants. And, it also imports some products (such as the AutoCraft batteries) from overseas by working together with other companies such as Johnson Controls.

Right now, this company is under the ownership of several sub-companies. But, three main companies hold the position of the main investors in this company: State Street Corporation, The Vanguard Group, and BlackRock company.

Advance Auto store in 1948

Note: Advance Auto store in 1948.

Advance Auto store

Note: Advance Auto store in 1956.

Where Can I Buy AutoCraft Batteries?

As I have already mentioned, AutoCraft batteries are now distributed by Advance Auto Parts. So, you can easily find AutoCraft batteries in your local Advance Auto Parts retail shop or showroom.

Plus, you can also visit advanceautoparts.com to make a purchase order of AutoCraft batteries online. An online purchase will make sure you get the AutoCraft batteries delivered to your doorstep.

You can also buy AutoCraft batteries from popular online shopping sites such as Amazon and Walmart.

I prefer buying AutoCraft batteries from online shopping sites because they usually provide a high percentage of discounts and coupons.

Or, if you can’t find a suitable deal for yourself on these platforms, you should just use the official online portal of Advance Auto Parts to buy AutoCraft batteries.

What Are The Positive Sides Of Buying AutoCraft Batteries?

One of the best characteristics of AutoCraft batteries is that they use top-grade silver, calcium, and tin alloy to manufacture their batteries. As a result, these batteries do not get heated very easily.

In addition to that, AutoCraft batteries also have plates that are reinforced with double-sided paste. Consequently, these batteries do not warp over the days of usage and they can also prevent short circuits.

Lastly, these batteries have extremely wide lugs and their grids are also manufactured with rounded plate corners. Due to these features, the electrical resistance in these batteries is very minimal. In turn, power storage and supply are optimally fluent.

What Are The Negative Sides Of Buying AutoCraft Battery?

The first and foremost con of buying AutoCraft batteries is that they are not first-hand manufactured by Advance Auto Parts. That’s why, in case you have to replace the battery you purchased, it might take longer for Advance Auto Parts to provide you with a replacement service.

Moreover, since AutoCraft batteries are an aftermarket option, they are sometimes not compatible with certain models of cars. However, you can solve this issue by checking your OEM specifications before making a purchase.

Other than these, AutoCraft batteries also come with general issues that all car batteries generally have. For example, they might not perform as well as expected in cold weather or high temperatures.

And, the batteries might get damaged very early if the vehicle has not been used for a couple of months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the following FAQ section and get most of the answers to those queries that people are often asked about AutoCraft batteries.

What is the best alternative if I don’t want to buy AutoCraft batteries?

Other than AutoCraft batteries, Advance Auto Parts also manufactured DieHard batteries as well. So, if AutoCraft batteries are not doing it for you, you can choose to use DieHard from Advance Auto Parts as well.

Or, you may also try other market alternatives such as Optima, Everstart, Costco batteries, and Duralast Gold, etc.

Are AutoCraft batteries good in quality?

Generally speaking, AutoCraft batteries provide a pretty durable and reliable service overall. However, AutoCraft has 3 classes of batteries for its consumers: AutoCraft Economy, AutoCraft Silver, and AutoCraft Gold.

If you buy the “Economy” version, you’ll likely get the batteries for a cheap price. But, the warranty period for these will not be of satisfactory level. On the other hand, the “Silver” and “Gold”  versions come with optimum warranty durations, and they are also manufactured from top-grade materials.

How long is the AutoCraft battery warranty?

Depending on the model of the battery you purchase, AutoCraft might provide 2 to 5 years of warranty. And, if you find any defect in the battery within the warranty period, you can easily approach your local Advance Auto part showroom to claim your warranty service.

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Final Takeaway

Well, there you have it, people. Now that you’ve got a clear understanding of who makes AutoCraft batteries and some other necessary facts related to the topic.

The bottom line here is that Johnson Controls manufactures the AutoCraft batteries and Advance Auto Parts is responsible for the market distribution of these batteries.

So, you, as a consumer, will always have to take warranty services from Advance Auto Parts. Plus, you will also have to buy the AutoCraft batteries from the outlets and online shops of Advance Auto Parts Inc.

Thank you so much for spending your time here. If there are still any queries that remain in your mind, comment here or email us; we’ll give a reply to your query soon.

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