Who Makes Champion Batteries – History and FAQ (In Brief)

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As an automotive mechanic for the last decade, I’ve never seen any other car batteries better than Champion batteries. It’s because they provide top-notch anti-corrosion properties along with long durability.

But, it’s unclear to some people who makes champion batteries. That’s why I’m here to answer the question for you.

Since 2019, Clarius LLC has been the company that manufactures Champion batteries, and it was formerly known as Johnson Controls. So, Johnson Controls has been manufacturing these batteries up until 2019.

However, this is not the full history of Champion Batteries at all. To have a comprehensive idea behind the company’s manufacturing and marketing of these products, go through this post to the end.

Who Makes Champion Batteries Now? (In-depth Explanation)

As I’ve already said briefly, Clarius LLC (also known as Johnson Controls) manufactures Champion batteries in their Wisconsin manufacturing plant in the United States. However, this company does not distribute or market these batteries in the United States.

Who Manufactures Champion Batteries Now

Rather, Champion itself distributes the Champion batteries in its outlets, shops, online shops, and third-party marketplaces. Now, it’s to be made clear that Champion brand is a sub-company under Federal-Mogul Corporation.

Therefore, Federal-Mogul Corporation is the parent of all the countrywide showrooms, outlets, and shops where Champion batteries are found.

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Why Does Clarius LLC Manufacture Champion Batteries for Champion?

Clarius LLC and Federal-Mogul Corporation (owner of the Champion brand) have created a pact and agreement on manufacturing and distributing the batteries in the United States.

According to this agreement, Clarius LLC will manufacture batteries and promote the batteries for the Champion brand. On the other end, Champion and Federal-Mogul Corporation will distribute these batteries locally and in online shops across the United States.

Up until 2019, Johnson Controls has been in this agreement with the Federal-Mogul Corporation. However, in 2019, Johnson Controls sold its automotive business to Brookfield Business Partners L.P.

Now, Brookfield Business Partners has launched its new brand “Clarius” for manufacturing batteries for the Federal-Mogul Corporation.

In essence, Johnson Controls used to make the Champion batteries. But, its business and subsidiaries have now transformed into a new company which is now known as “Clarius LLC”. And, it has been making these batteries for the Champion brand since 2019.

Who Sells Champion Batteries in The United States?

The Champion brand itself is responsible for distributing, selling, and marketing Champion batteries in the United States. In addition to batteries, Champion sells spark plugs, igniters, air filters, and other automotive parts as well.

This brand has hundreds of shops, showrooms, and repair houses across the United States. Therefore, it also provides warranty services to consumers across the country.

Where to Buy Champion Batteries in The United States?

As I have already mentioned above, Champion has its shops stretched throughout all the states of the USA. If you want to know whether your locality has a Champion shop or not, you can visit the official web address of the Champion brand.

You can input your postal code or zip code into the above-mentioned web portal and find out whether there is a Champion shop around you or not.

You can also find these batteries in other popular marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart. Or, you can use their official website to purchase Batteries (or other auto parts) by online order.

Champion Battery Prices

In online marketplaces such as Amazon.com, you might get a Champion battery for as low as $40. However, there are premium Champion batteries as well that might cost even up to $200.

Therefore, we suggest that you browse through the official online shop or the official website of Champion Batteries to get yourself a suitable deal.

History of Champion Brand And Its Battery (In Brief)

This brand started its journey back in 1907. After that, it started its journey manufacturing spark plugs for famous car models such as the Ford Model “Tin Lizzie” in 1908. Then, Champion continued its business up until 1968 in the automotive industry.

History of Champion Brand And Its Battery

Champion spark plug advertisement in 1949

Later on, in 1969, it manufactured igniters for airplanes for the first time. More specifically, Champion igniters helped the Concorde to take off.

Champion ad (in 1947)

However, in the meantime, Champion also manufactured spark plugs for automotive vehicles. With time, this brand manufactured spark plugs for many sports cars such as the Alpine A442. Plus, it also manufactured igniters for jet engine-equipped land vehicles (such as the Thrust-2).

In 1989, Copart Industries bought Champion and Champion went through many transformations since then. Right now, Federal-Mogul Corporation owns the whole proprietary ownership of the Champion brand.

It continued its journey until 2018 making spark plugs, igniters, and wiper blades for cars and other types of vehicles as well.

In 2018, Champion finally expanded its field of expertise and started manufacturing filters, lighting, and batteries in addition to making spark plugs, igniters, etc. From then on, it bought batteries from Johnson Controls and marketed the batteries in its outlets, shops, showrooms, and online shops.

However, in 2019, Brookfield Business Partners bought Johnson Controls and transformed it into what is now known as “Clarius LLC”. Since then, it has been manufacturing batteries for the Champion brand.

Where are Champion Batteries Made?

Clarius LLC has multiple manufacturing plants across the globe. As of 2022, I have pinpointed 6 manufacturing plants across 5 countries. More specifically, it has factories in the USA, Mexico, South Korea, Germany, and China.

However, I have analyzed the labels and stickers on Champion batteries and came up with the following data:

  • A lot of automotive batteries from Champion are manufactured in Wisconsin in the United States. These batteries are mostly labeled as premium products by Champion.
  • This brand also manufactures Champion batteries in Shanghai, China. The low-cost manufacturing capacity of the Chinese plant contributes to the cheaper batteries from the Champion brand.
  • This company also uses its Monterrey plant to manufacture these batteries in Mexico. They are then imported to the USA.

Champion Batteries Review – Are They Good In Quality?

As I have tested many Champion batteries, I can vouch that they are quite reliable and worthy of your money. It’s because they have the following features:

Champion Batteries Review

Long warranty period:

With every Champion battery, you get at least 36 months of warranty service. That’s why, when it comes to buying automotive batteries, these are one of the most trustworthy options.

Low maintenance:

The brand uses top-grade plastic and dielectric material to manufacture its batteries. That’s why they do not get heated very easily and can sustain a very long life. Plus, they also require very little maintenance over the days of usage.

Very low Cold Cranking Amps (CCA):

Cold Cranking Amps-CCA for most of these batteries is as low as 0° f. This is why these batteries can start your vehicle even in Arctic cold temperatures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is still any confusion remains in your mind go through the below FAQ section, and you’ll have most of the answers to your queries.

What are the types of batteries that Champion sells?

Champion manufactures and sells all types of batteries for all types of vehicles. However, it has the following lineups as its main products, according to its official website:

  • Automotive AGM Batteries
  • Commercial AGM Batteries
  • Marine AGM Batteries
  • Power sports Batteries
  • Golf cart batteries

Where do I claim The warranty service of Champion batteries?

In case you find any manufacturing defect in your batteries, you can reach out to them through this link.

Or, you can also physically claim your warranty from the Champion showroom, shops, and repair houses in your locality. To find the nearest showroom of these batteries, you can use this online tool.

What are the alternatives to Champion batteries?

Other than Champion batteries, Clarius LLC manufactures other brands of batteries, too. Hence, batteries from this company are the best alternatives to Champion batteries right now.

I have listed down a few of the alternatives below:

  • DieHard Batteries
  • Interstate Batteries
  • AutoZone Duralast Batteries
  • Optima Batteries
  • Auto craft Batteries

Final Note

Well, there you have it, people. By now, most probably you’ve got a clear understanding of this query, “who makes Champion Batteries?”

At last, it should be cleared that Clarius LLC does not publicly declare that it manufactures Champion batteries. It’s because it manufactures a bunch of other batteries for other brands as well. So, it’s detrimental for this company to publicly declare this information.

However, Clarius is only responsible for manufacturing and importing the batteries. But, the marketing and distribution are carried out by the Champion brand itself.

So, any service you need relating to these batteries will be provided by the Champion brand itself.

Thank you so much for dropping in today, you guys are the bee’s knees!!!


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