Who Makes Deka Batteries? Reveal The Real Fact!

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Deka is a popular brand name in the battery industry due to its reliable and versatile batteries. Although Deka has global distributors, it is an America-based battery company. However, one question that most people whisper about is: Who makes Deka batteries?

An American company called East Penn Manufacturing Co. typically manufactures Deka batteries. This company makes Deka batteries with high-quality materials, maintains all standards, and performs different tests before releasing them to the market.

If you are willing to know in-depth details about the manufacturer of the Deka batteries, continue your readings. Below you’ll find the ins and outs about the manufacture of this battery.

How Good Are Deka Batteries?

Deka batteries have gained significant attention in the battery industry. Below are the things that will help you to know why Deka batteries are most people’s first choice.

How Good Are Deka Batteries

  • Excellent Performance: Deka batteries are manufactured with Power-Perform Plate Technology, which helps to maximize the battery performance. This also contributes to extending the battery life.
  • Quick Charge: Compared to any other battery brand, Deka requires a short charge time to charge the battery. This will be very helpful when you need to power up quickly during an emergency.
  • Withstanding Harsh Weather: Deka batteries are designed with all-weather proof in mind, making them work efficiently even when the temperature changes suddenly.
  • Longer Lifespan: You can expect a Deka battery will last around 5 years, meaning the battery is long-lasting, durable, and a one-time investment for your cars.
  • Brand Value: As Deka batteries are manufactured by an American company called East Penn Manufacturing Co., you can remain assured of the battery’s reliability. This manufacturer usually focuses on quality and improves battery efficiency.

Who Makes Deka Batteries?

As we said, Deka batteries are manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing Co. This company is a sole-own lead acid battery manufacturing company founded by Delight E. Jr and his father in 1946.

Who Makes Deka Batteries

Although the company’s battery manufacturing declined during the war, its popularity soared afterward. At present, East Penn has around 520 acres of manufacturing factories in the USA to reach high-quality batteries to millions of customers globally.

Apart from the USA, East Penn also has multiple factories around the globe, such as Canada, China, Mexico, and Brazil. A large number of highly qualified and skilled engineers work together to manufacture and improve the quality of the Deka batteries.

What Are The Different Types of Deka Batteries?

East Penn manufactured different types of Deka batteries based on market demand and various uses. Here we’ve talked about widely used Deka battery types.

What Are The Different Types of Deka Batteries

Deka D-Series

Deka D-series batteries are designed to work with almost all motive power applications. Due to its excellent durability and versatility, this battery model has gained huge popularity in the battery industry. Besides, temperature and humidity are controlled during the curing process of Deka D-series batteries. This helps to withstand the battery in extreme environmental conditions.

Deka Dominator

Deka Dominator batteries are sealed with valve-regulated gel meaning there won’t be any chance of electrolyte spills. This also helps to reduce producing harmful gas when operating the battery. Additionally, the vertically aligned cells of this battery enable it to offer more efficient performance. For that, you can use this battery to power both medium and light-duty applications.

Deka Hydrasaver

Deka Hydrasaver batteries are made with alloy combinations and separator materials, which allow the battery to consume less water. Besides, the LED water-level indicator feature makes the maintenance procedure easier. This will help you to know when you need to water the battery. To avoid safety hazards, these batteries also contain bolt-on terminals and cables.

Deka Max Power

The Deka Max Power battery is an excellent option for those looking for a battery that will last longer with a fast charging facility. Compared to any other same battery, Deka Max Power batteries can deliver 10% more amp hours. Since these batteries are designed with balanced plate ratios, you don’t need to maintain them regularly.

Deka Chargemate

Deka Chargemate batteries are made with heavy-duty intercell connectors that ensure optimal current transfer. As the copper inserts in the single post cells improve the conductivity of the battery, the battery life will be prolonged. Besides, the vented trays and forced air cooling system helps to ensure air circulation inside the battery.

What Batteries Are Made By Deka?

Deka offers a wide range of batteries based on several machines. Here we’ve made a chart with the battery lineup of the Deka.

Type Dimension (LWH) Warranty
Automobile Batteries 10.75 × 6.875 × 8 inch 36 months
Marine Batteries 273 × 171 × 238 mm³ 36 months
Power Sports Batteries 6.88 × 3.44 × 6.13 inch 12 months
Trucks, Buses, and Equipment 13 × 6.75 × 9.5 mm­³ 12 months
Golf Car/EV 10.25 × 7.13 × 10.88 inch 12 months
Lawn and Garden 7.25 × 5.125 × 7.75 inch 24 months

What Things Should You Look for When Choosing A Deka Battery?

Since Deka manufactures different types of batteries, as you’ve seen above, it won’t be easy to choose the right one. In that case, you will need to consider some factors that will help you to choose the right Deka battery. Here are the factors that you have to consider.

What Things Should You Look for When Choosing A Deka Battery

  • Battery Type: Choosing the right type of battery should be your first consideration. Deka batteries mainly fall into two types: Gel and AGM. Gel batteries are good for deep discharge but have low durability. In contrast, AGM batteries are ideal for both durability and performance.
  • Reserve and Discharge Capacity: The reserve capacity of a battery will determine how long it will provide power. In that case, choosing a battery with a higher reserve capacity will be a safer decision. However, the battery discharge capacity should not be more than 30 seconds.
  • Battery Size: Deka batteries are manufactured in different sizes, depending on the purposes of the application. So, you should choose a battery that will fit properly where you wish to set it up.
  • Features: While choosing a battery, you should ensure that the battery has features like solid build quality, vibration resistance, Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), and warranty. Having these certifications will help you to keep in peace with the battery.

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Deka Batteries

Among the Deka battery users, several questions whirlpool in their minds. Here, we’ve explained some commonly asked questions about Deka batteries. Check the section; you may find the answers helpful.

How Long Do Deka Batteries Last?

Although no batteries provide a fixed lifetime, you can expect Deka batteries will last around 3 to 5 years. However, the lifespan can vary depending on factors such as charging habits, driving styles, and climate.

What Documents Will You Need to Claim Deka Batteries Warranty?

To claim the Deka batteries warranty, you must have the cash memo and warranty card with the purchase date and store seal. You can claim your battery warranty from any authorized Deka battery store with these documents.

Who Sells Deka Batteries?

Deka batteries are sold by Deka authorized Stores. Although These batteries are made in the USA, Deka has distributors all around the world. However, for the Deka Store locations nearby, visit the Deka official website and tap on the “Where to Buy” option at the top menu. Here you’ll find all the Deka stores locations with phone and email addresses.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Deka Battery?

You can extend the lifespan of your Deka battery by following some simple tips, such as avoiding short drives, not storing the battery for a longer time, keeping the battery tightly fastened, avoiding using extra electric accessories, and controlling corrosion.

What To Do For Preventing Corrosion From Deka Battery?

To prevent corrosion from a Deka battery, you’ll need to coat the terminal with dielectric grease or a terminal protector. Coating the Deka battery’s terminal properly will help prevent corrosion in the future.


From the discussion above, you should get the answer to the question: Who makes Deka batteries? Deka batteries are typically manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing Co., an American-based battery manufacturing company.

With giant facilities, skilled engineers, and workers, East Penn manufactures high-quality batteries.

Deka batteries have gained enormous attention in the battery industry because of their high vibration resistance and high CCA. Besides, from Deka’s wide production lineup, you can choose the desired battery to meet your needs.

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