Who Makes Duralast Batteries?

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Duralast batteries have gained huge popularity in recent years due to their excellent performance. You will barely find anyone involved with cars and vehicles who don’t hear about Duralast batteries.

From quality to price, Duralast batteries offer several advantages to vehicle owners. However, a common question that arises in most people’s minds is: Who makes Duralast batteries?

Although AutoZone owns and sells Duralast batteries, three different manufacturers make these batteries. The manufacturers are Johnson Controls, East Penn, and Exide.

To explore in-depth information about the manufacturers of Duralast batteries, read the entire content. Here we’ve made a comprehension discussion on making Duralast batteries.

History Behind Duralast Batteries

Duralast batteries were first made by a leading company called Johnson Controls, Inc. After that, this company partnered with AutoZone, a well-known automobile parts distributor, to manufacture Duralast batteries. As a result, Duralast batteries were first introduced in 1995 by AutoZone.

Three different companies now manufacture these batteries in a way that can easily meet the customers’ needs. Due to their high performance, functionality, and affordable pricing, Duralast batteries become the first choice in the automobile industry.

Who Makes Duralast Batteries?

As we’ve said earlier, Duralast batteries are made by three different manufacturers. Under AutoZone, these three manufacturers make top-notch quality Duralast batteries. Here we’ve explained who actually makes Duralast batteries.

Who Makes Duralast Batteries

Johnson Controls, Inc

Johnson Controls, Inc is an American-Irish multinational company based in Ireland. Among the three manufacturers, Johnson Controls, Inc is one of the companies that makes a great quantity of total Duralast production.

Not only that, some premium series of Duralast batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, Inc. This company has offices on 6 continents and 2,000 locations worldwide.

In recent times, Johnson Controls, Inc has sold its automobile batteries to a company called Brookfield Business Partners.

East Penn

East Penn is another lead-acid battery manufacturing company that also makes Duralast batteries. It is actually a privately owned company, also known as DEKA. Like Johnson Controls, Inc, East Penn produces a significant portion of Duralast batteries for AutoZone.

Compared to any other manufacturer, East Penn-made Duralast batteries have premium price tags and high-quality performance. So, if the cost doesn’t matter, you should go for East Penn-manufactured Duralast batteries to ensure high quality.

Exide Industries Ltd

Exide Industries Ltd is an Indian automobile battery manufacturing company. About 8 million automobile batteries are manufactured by this company, including Duralast batteries for AutoZone. This battery manufacturing company actually makes batteries for people who want maximum quality within an affordable budget.

Unlike Johnson Controls, Inc and East Penn, they can’t ensure maximum quality. However, considering the price tags, Exide Industries Ltd makes Duralast batteries better than any other brand’s battery.

Comparison Chart of Manufacturers of Duralast Batteries

Here we’ve made a chart with the key information of the manufacturers of Duralast batteries. This chart will help you to get a quick overview of the manufacturers of Duralast batteries.

Johnson Controls, Inc East Penn Exide Industries Ltd
Establish 1885 1946 1947
Quality Good Good Medium
Cost Expensive Expensive Affordable
Number of Employees 105,000 10,500 3,296
Revenue Range $25.3 Billion (2022) $2.8 Billion $1.6 Billion (2021-22)
Key People George Oliver (CEO and Chairman) Kurt Smith (CEO), Jim Davis (Executive VP), & John Byrd (VP Sales) Bharat Dhirajlal Shah (Founder) and Subir Chakraborty


What Are The Different Types of Duralast Batteries?

There are different types of Duralast batteries sold by AutoZone. However, we’ve talked about three high-rated Duralast batteries that gained huge attention in the automobile industry. Let’s see what these are:

What Are The Different Types of Duralast Batteries

1. Standard Duralast

In the Duralast production lineup, standard Duralast batteries are the most affordable. These types of batteries are quite lightweight but offer longer battery life. Not only that, Standard Duralast batteries come with notable vibration tolerance, less self-discharge, CCA (Cold Cranking Amps), and quick start function facilities.

2. Duralast Gold

Duralast Gold batteries fall into the middle of the Duralast production lineup. These batteries are manufactured for heavy-duty applications and are ideal for several types of machinery, including farm tractors, lawnmowers, and cars.

Typically, Duralast Gold batteries come with a 12-volt capacity, which provides a maximum of 750 CCA. Apart from that, they offer low self-discharge and a three-year warranty.

3. Duralast Platinum

Compared to Duralast and Duralast Gold batteries, Duralast Platinum is the highest-quality battery with optimal performance. For those who want to ensure good speed and performance in their vehicle, Duralast Platinum will be the best choice.

These batteries come with an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) flat-plate design that offers longer battery life. Not only that, Duralast Platinum batteries have tight seals, which makes them spill-proof and more vibration-resistant.

Why Do Duralast Batteries Gain Huge Popularity?

Several reasons contribute to Duralast batteries gaining huge popularity. Here we’ve talked about some major reasons behind the popularity of Duralast batteries.

Why Do Duralast Batteries Gain Huge Popularity

  • Manufactured with High-Quality Materials: Compared to any other battery brand, Duralast batteries are manufactured with top-notch materials, making them last longer. The calcium used to manufacture Duralast batteries make them more durable than regular batteries. With this durability, you can expect the battery to last around 3–5 years, on average.
  • Provide Excellent Performance: Most of the batteries in Duralast production are rated up to 500 CCA, which is better than any other brand. Since these batteries are integrated with superior grids and plates, you can ensure better performance. Besides, Duralast batteries offer a higher reserve capacity, enabling you to use the maximum power when needed.
  • Offer Decent Warranty: You’ll get a two-year warranty if you purchase standard Duralast batteries from AutoZone. In contrast, Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum offer a three-year warranty. This warranty facility will help you keep peace of mind and be confident when purchasing a Duralast battery.
  • Have Larger Selections: Duralast offers a wide range of battery options, including automobile batteries, lawn and garden batteries, marine and RV deep cycle batteries, and power sport batteries. You’ll even find some heavy-duty Duralast batteries which offer longer battery life.
  • Low Self-Discharge Capability: Duralast batteries offer low self-discharge capability, unlike other battery brands. For that, the battery will last longer if you maintain it properly. However, some Duralast batteries may have a little bit higher self-discharge rates, especially less expensive ones.

Duralast Gold Vs. Platinum: Which One Should You Pick?

Both Duralast Gold and Platinum offer optimal performance. Choosing one between these two batteries completely depends on your priorities. For example, if you want a battery with regarding self-discharge rate, CCA, reserve capacity, and fitting, you should go for a Duralast Platinum battery.

In contrast, if you want a Duralast battery that will fit within your budget but performs efficiently, you can choose a Duralast Gold battery. In general, most people prefer Duralast Gold batteries due to their stability and affordable price.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Duralast Batteries

Here we’ve answered some commonly asked questions about Duralast batteries. If you have any queries, check the section; you may get your desired answer here.

How Long Does Duralast Battery Last?

You can expect Duralast Gold and Platinum batteries to last around 3 to 5 years. On the other hand, the standard Duralast battery will last 2 to 3 years. However, within the warranty, you can get a replacement for the battery without any cost.

Which Duralast Battery Is Good for Cold Regions?

CCA is a measurement that determines whether a battery can start at a cold temperature. Compared to different Duralast batteries, Platinum batteries offer a higher CCA of around 760. So, the Duralast Platinum battery will be ideal for cold regions.

Does AutoZone sell Duralast Battery Only?

Yes, AutoZone sells all Duralast batteries, including Duralast, Duralast Gold, and Duralast Platinum. However, you may find Duralast batteries in some third-party stores. Remember that third-party stores won’t provide a warranty policy for your purchased battery. So, locating an authorized AutoZone store to purchase a Duralast battery will be better.

How Do You Find The Date Code On A Duralast Battery?

The label of a battery’s date code is typically located on the back side of the battery. The date code will contain one letter with numbers. The letter indicates the month, and the numbers indicate the year and date.

Does Duralast Brand Have Any Battery For Motorcycles?

Yes, Duralast brand offers a wide range of battery production for several types of vehicles, including motorcycles. Unlike automobile Duralast batteries, motorcycle batteries come with 12 volts and have a CCA of 85 ratings.


So, you may get the answer to the question: Who makes Duralast batteries? Typically, Duralast batteries are distributed and sold by AutoZone, but manufactured by three different battery manufacturing industries.

They are Johnson Controls, East Penn, and Exide. These battery manufacturing companies make different Duralast battery models, including Standard Duralast, Duralast Gold, and Duralast Premium. The standard lineup of the Duralast battery will be good for those who are looking for affordable batteries.

On the other hand, Duralast Gold and Platinum are ideal for those who like to ensure optimal performance and better battery life.

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