Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries? The Secret You Don’t Know

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Harley Davidson is known as a popular motorcycle brand for great turning machines and good resale value. Besides mechanical parts, Harley Davidson needs a battery that helps to start the engine and power electric components, including lights and stereo.

However, it may be known to everyone that Harley-Davidson, Inc manufactures Harley-Davidson motorcycles. But who makes Harley Davidson batteries?

An American company East Penn Manufacturing Co., also known as Deka, has manufactured Harley Davidson batteries since the early 2000s. However, Yuasa was the manufacturer of Harley Davidson batteries before East Penn Manufacturing Co.

If you want to know more about the manufacturer of Harley Davidson batteries, dig into the content. Here you’ll find a comprehensive discussion about the manufacturer of Harley Davidson batteries.

Is Harley Davidson Batteries Manufactured In-House?

Whenever talking about motorcycles, Harley Davidson should be the top brand in the world. Since 1903, Harley Davidson has been manufacturing motorcycles to fulfill the bikers’ needs.

This manufacturer mainly focuses on making high-quality motorcycles with innovative technology, features, and designs that differentiate them from other brands.

Although Harley Davidson has gained tremendous success, it cannot enter into the battery business. In that case, Harley Davidson relies on outside reliable battery manufacturing companies. So, Harley Davidson batteries are not in-house manufactured rather they are outsourced from the top battery manufacturers.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries?

For over 100 years, Harley Davidson has manufactured high-quality, fashionable, and classic motorcycles. Harley has partnered with many battery manufacturers over this period to ensure high-quality batteries for their motorcycles.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

At the early age of motorcycle manufacturing, Harley collaborated with Yuasa manufacturer. So, if you have a Harley Davidson motorcycle manufactured before the 2000s, its battery will be manufactured by Yuasa. However, in the 2000s, Harley broke the partnership with Yuasa to bring batteries for their motorcycle.

During that time, Harley collaborated with a prominent battery manufacturer in the USA called East Penn Manufacturing, Co., for batteries. You will find East Penn manufacturing batteries on all the Harley Davidson motorcycles after the 2000s.

What Are The Differences Between East Penn Battery and Yuasa Battery?

The main difference between the East Penn and Yuasa batteries is their capacity. East Penn-manufactured batteries offer a larger capacity with fast charging capability.

In contrast, Yuasa made batteries offer lower capacity, responsible for motorcycles not starting at low ambient temperatures.

Additionally, the vibration resistance level of East Penn batteries is relatively better than Yuasa batteries. Since motorcycles need high-vibration resistance batteries, Harley goes for East Penn-manufactured batteries.

A Brief Overview of East Penn Manufacturing (Deka)

East Penn Manufacturing Co., also known as Deka, is one of the famous battery manufacturers based in the USA. After the second world war, Delight Jr founded the Deka. Although this battery manufacturer didn’t gain so much achievement at an early age, from 1960, the company has overcome all the past sales history.

A Brief Overview of East Penn Manufacturing

Now, this manufacturer has one of the largest battery production plants, covering approximately 520 acres. Deka manufactures a wide range of high-quality batteries in that massive plant for motorcycles and automobiles.

Apart from battery manufacturing, East Penn has old battery recycling facilities to ensure eco-friendly production. An annual statistic said that Deka recycles around 6M gallons of acid, 200M pounds of lead, and 11.8M pounds of plastic.

Why Did Harley Choose East Penn Manufactured Batteries?

There are several reasons why Harley partnered with East Penn for motorcycle batteries. Some significant reasons include:

Why Did Harley Choose East Penn Manufactured Batteries

  • Gel Technology: Harley collaborated with East Penn due to their gel technology on the battery. This gel technology helps to prevent leakages from the battery. So, no acid will come out even if the battery is stabbed with sharp things.
  • High Performance: Compared to other brands, East Penn manufacturing batteries perform better to power bike accessories and start the engine. When placing the key and pressing the start button, the battery will provide enough power to start a bike.
  • Last Longer: East Penn manufacturing batteries last for several years. That means bikers can save money as they don’t have to replace the battery frequently. Besides, it helps to protect bike accessories from malfunctioning.
  • Decent Warranty: East Penn-made batteries come with a decent warranty, depending on the battery model. This warranty ensures that if the battery goes wrong, the company will take responsibility for it.
  • Follow Strict Quality Control: Unlike any other battery manufacturer, East Penn follows strict quality control and standards when manufacturing batteries. For that, this manufacturer has achieved different ISO certificates.

Types of Batteries That Harley Davidson Use On Their Motorcycles

East Penn manufactures different types of batteries for several prominent brands, including Harley Davidson. Here we’ve discussed what type of battery Harley actually uses on their motorcycles.

Types of Batteries That Harley Davidson Use On Their Motorcycles

Lead-Acid Battery

Lead acid batteries are considered low-performance batteries, which are used on Harley Davidson motorcycles at the early age of manufacturing. Due to the lack of split-proof capacity, lead-acid batteries frequently require maintenance. You may even need to refill the acid when the battery discharges, which can be irritating.

Glass Mate Battery

Deka manufactures glass mater batteries with the split-proof feature for Harley. This type of battery usually uses gel-like stuffing to improve the battery’s consistency. It helps to make the battery have better vibration resistance. This ensures that Harley Davidson motorcycles have excellent performance.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Compared to lead-acid and mate glass batteries, lithium-ion batteries provide better performance. Deka manufactures lithium-ion batteries, especially for Harley, considering the maximum durability and lightweight. For that, Harley Davidson motorcycles won’t weigh much; instead, the battery helps to increase riding comfort and performance.

What Things to Consider When Choosing Harley Davidson Batteries?

Since East Penn manufactures different types of batteries for Harley Davidson motorcycles. So, choosing the right battery for your motorcycle can be challenging. For your convenience, here we’ve talked about some things that will help you to choose the right battery for your Harley Davidson motorcycle.

  • CCA (Cold-Cranking Amps): A higher CCA rating will help you start your motorcycle, even in cold climates. Besides, if your motorcycle is equipped with additional accessories such as radios or lighting kits, a higher CCA battery will help power these accessories.
  • Dimensions: There are various Harley Davidson models with different dimension batteries. If the battery is big or small, it won’t fit on your motorcycle. So, when replacing a battery for your Harley, you should consider the accurate dimension.
  • Types: Three types of battery usually compatible with Harley Davidson motorcycles: lead-acid, glass mate, and lithium-ion battery. Since lithium-ion batteries with gel-sealed batteries perform well, you can go for this battery for your motorcycle.
  • Price: it can’t be denied that a good battery costs higher than any normal battery. So, if you want a high-quality battery with a decent warranty, you should choose an East Penn-made battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions have been answered here about Harley Davidson batteries. You may find answers to the questions you’re looking for in this section.

1. How Long Does A Harley Davidson Battery Last?

Harley Davidson batteries typically last around 3 to 5 years, depending on several factors, including maintenance, terminal connection, riding styles, and additional accessories.

2. What Are the Signs of Having A Bad Harley Davidson Battery?

A visual inspection is enough to determine whether your Harley Davidson battery is bad. In that case, you just have to check if the battery has any cracks, leaks, corrosion on the terminals, or bulging in the battery case. Besides, you may have a bad battery if you experience any problems while starting the motorcycle.

3. What is the Required CCA For a Harley Battery?

In general, the higher the CCA rating of a battery, the better it is for motorcycles. However, Harley Davidson motorcycles require batteries with at least a 300 CCA rating. This CCA rating is enough to start your motorcycle in cold environments without problems.

How Much Does A Harley Davidson Battery Cost?

You can expect a new Harley Davidson battery can cost between $100 to $300. However, the cost of a Harley Davidson battery can vary depending on the size and type. The most affordable batteries are lead-acid batteries, while the most expensive are gel batteries.

When Should I Replace My Harley Davidson Battery?

If you encounter any issues when starting your vehicle’s engine or the battery doesn’t crank up, it is time to replace the battery with a new one. Even if your vehicle is running properly, replacing the battery every 3 to 5 years is better.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Harley Davidson batteries are good for Harley-manufactured motorcycles. But a question that perplexes most Harley motorcycle riders is: Who makes Harley Davidson batteries?

Hopefully, you may get the answer to this question from the discussion above. At the early age of manufacturing motorcycles, Yuasa made batteries for Harley.

Now, East Penn Manufacturing, Co., an American battery manufacturing company, typically makes Harley Davidson batteries. This manufacturer is well-known for manufacturing automobile and motorcycle batteries.

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