Who Makes John Deere Batteries – History and FAQ

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The John Deere Batteries are famous for their superior performance in tough jobs like farming and ranching. Now, you might already know that John Deere & Co is not the manufacturer of the John Deere Batteries.

So, if John Deere & Co does not make the John Deere batteries, who makes them?

Well, simply answered, the famous multinational company Kreisel Electric Inc. manufactures John Deere Batteries perfectly. Deere & Co. invests in the Kreisel to make the infrastructure of the battery globally adaptable. Kreisel also makes the batteries more customer friendly.

Interested to know more about John Deere batteries and its manufacturing company? If so, then hang on with this article to dig out more information.

Here we go:

Who Makes John Deere Batteries?

Earlier in this article, I’ve already said briefly, Kreisel Electric Company is the one who constructs and assembles the John Deere Batteries. As we all know, John Deere is well known for making vehicles for farming.

Their vehicles are considered top class due to their high performance. Now, they actually make their vehicles the best way by collaborating with the Kreisel company.

Who Makes John Deere Batteries

Kreisel Electric is now ruling the market by keeping up with the latest technology. They understood that to cope with the market’s high demand, they must be up-to-date. So, Kreisels makes the John Deere Batteries by using the latest cutting-edge technology to lead in the market.

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Why Deere & Co Chose Kreisel Electric Company?

You might be thinking that Deere & Co itself is a big renowned company, so why did they choose a different company to manufacture the batteries? This is because Deere has the money, and Kreisel has the latest technology for manufacturing batteries. All Deere wants is a battery with Immersion cooled, high durability, and high-density technology for their vehicles.

That means Deere wants its vehicles and machinery to show the most efficiency in performance. This is the reason they chose Kreisel to manufacture the John Deere Batteries.

To be more precise, Kreisel is the first company that came up with the idea that electric batteries can have immersion-cooled technology. This technology helps the battery to stay cool by immersing the battery cells in a dielectric coolant. Moreover, such batteries suit best for off-highway vehicles besides marine and commercial vehicles.

So, this development of Kreisel grabbed Deere’s attention as Deere felt they needed batteries with advanced technology for their vehicles. They felt that their off-highway vehicles need batteries that can perform individually or as a hybrid propulsion system.

On top of that, from compact utility and small tractors to turf equipment and compact construction, all these Deere’s products depend on batteries for power. Hence, Deere felt the need to develop batteries by collaborating with the Kreisel Company.

History Behind The Development Of The John Deere Company

It is a really interesting story of how the John Deere Company inventor John Deere commercially got instant success by inventing the simple steel plow. It all started with the invention of the Steel plow by a blacksmith in 1837.

History Behind The Development Of The John Deere Company

After the commercial success, John Deere used his invention further for digging holes in clay soil. Now, moving forward to the year 1918, this small invention of John Deere turned into a million-dollar business. They started manufacturing tractors and were solely committed to caring for American farmers.

The History And Motive Of The Kreisel Company

Kreisel is a family business in Austria that started in 2014. The founding members of this company are three Kreisel brothers, Johann, Markus, and Phillip Kreisel.

The company came into the spotlight due to its development of high-density electric batteries using immersion-cooled technology. In addition to that, this company created a hype due to developing a platform for charging infrastructure (CHIMERO) using patented battery technology.

So, with the innovative technology, the Kreisel company got the opportunity to collaborate with Deere & Co. They have a grand vision of serving customers with innovation and have proved their work through 150 successful and growing projects.

What’s more, the Kreisel company is now serving customers with the help of 160 employees who are working full time.

Does John Deere Provide A Battery Warranty?

If we are talking about warranty, then let me tell you, John Deere is known best for their warranty policies. They provide the most flexible and beneficial warranty for their customers. Additionally, the warranty policies improved with the batteries of 1-4 series and 5E tractors of John Deere.

Does John Deere Provide A Battery Warranty

Generally, they provide a warranty of 10 years or 2000 hours. But the improved warranty policy by the SNPartners added coverage of 48 months to tractors with 1-4 series. Besides this, it added coverage of 60 months for the 5E tractors.

So, these are the additional warranties that are added with the warranty of 120 months or 2000 hours. To be more precise-

  • Whenever you purchase a tractor, you will enjoy the warranty for the powertrain and engine of the tractor for 10 years. (2000 hours if it ends before the time period of 10 years)
  • The Company is not responsible for taking the maintenance expenses that are not in the operator’s manual.
  • The warranty period of 10 years does not apply to the secondary owners.
  • The customer must transport the warranty work with his own responsibility to any location of SNPartners.
  • When the warranty period expires, you need to pay $250 as a deductible fee.
  • You should keep a record of the expenses that were spent under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find most of the answers to your queries from the below FAQ section that might arise in your mind while reading this write-up.

Is John Deere American made?

Yes, John Deere is an American company with a worldwide reputation and recognition. It comes under the top 500 companies globally.

Does John Deere Make Their Own Engines?

As one of the top 500 leading companies in the world, John Deere mostly makes their own engines and machinery. However, the exception lies in lawn mowers and other machinery that do not need more horsepower. In such cases, engines are made outside the country by Kawasaki and Yanmar.

What Kinds Of Batteries Do John Deere Lawn Mowers Use?

There is only one type of battery that a John Deere land mower uses: SP12-35 NB (12 V 35 AH).


That’s all about the John Deere Batteries and its manufacturer Kreisel company. After reading this article, I hope you will now understand how Deere makes the top-class tractor and machinery by collaborating with the Kreisel.

To wrap everything up, the John Deere batteries are not manufactured by John Deere & Co. Rather, to provide the best battery with a high density and immersion cooled technology, John Deere chose Kreisel to be the manufacturer of their batteries. That is why John Deere Batteries are the best automotive batteries in the world.

Thank you for being with us until the end, have a nice day ahead!

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