Who Makes Members Mark Batteries – History and FAQ

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Indeed, several tests say that Member’s Mark batteries are the most long-lasting batteries in the industry, and each Member’s Mark battery can easily outperform its alternatives.

On the other hand, Members Mark Batteries have been the consumer’s top choice for a long time. The company also claims that each Member’s Mark AA battery will last up to two years.

But do you know who makes Members Mark Batteries and the history behind how they became the world’s top battery manufacturing giant?

If not, then in this discussion, we will discover a brief history of Member’s Mark Battery and the company’s journey.

Who Makes Members Mark Batteries?

Member’s Mark is a proprietary brand of Sam’s Club, and Sam’s Club is a sub-brand of Walmart. Actually, Member’s Mark does not make batteries themselves, they get them manufactured by others. Currently, Energizer, one of the prominent manufacturers of alkaline batteries that are sold at Sam’s Club, is manufacturing batteries for Member’s Mark.

Sam’s Club’s proprietary brand, Member’s Mark, was formed to give consumers the minimum price for the finest quality items. Let’s learn more about the manufacturer:

Who Makes Members Mark Batteries

A Brief History of Member’s Mark and Energizer

In 1886, the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company was founded, which would eventually become the Energizer brand we know today.

In 1957, they introduced the first-ever alkaline battery, which revolutionized the battery industry. Later, in 1988, they acquired Eveready, another battery manufacturer.

And In 2003, Energizer created the Member’s Mark brand for Sam’s Club.

With over 100 years of experience, it is clear that the reliable construction and dependable performance are what make Member’s Mark batteries worth trusting.

Which Types of Batteries Will You Get From Member’s Mark?

With the battery-making experience of Energizer, Member’s Mark manufactures a wide range of batteries. But currently, Member’s Mark is not manufacturing automobile batteries or heavy industrial batteries.

They are currently producing the following types of batteries-

  • 9V
  • C
  • D
  • AAA
  • AA

And they also produce hearing aid batteries as well.

However, most of the time they sell their batteries in bulk, such as their AA batteries come in a 48 cells packet.

Similarly, C and D batteries are supplied in 12-packs, whereas 9V batteries are marketed in 10-packs, & hearing aid batteries are supplied in a 40-packet.

Where Are Member’s Mark Batteries Manufactured?

As we have known, Energizer makes batteries for Member’s Mark, so we can say Member’s Mark batteries are made where Energizer has their battery manufacturing plant.

And according to a report, Energizer, with its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, has six production plants in the USA, along with two in China and one each in Indonesia and Singapore.

Though there is no exact information about where Member’s Mark batteries are manufactured, we can say that Member’s Mark batteries come from those manufacturing plants.

Why Do People Love Using Member’s Mark Batteries?

People love using Member’s Mark batteries because they are reliable, affordable, and long-lasting. Member’s Mark batteries are made by Energizer, who is working with a company called Sam’s Club, which is a division of Walmart.

Why Do People Love Using Member’s Mark Batteries

Sam’s Club is known for its bulk discounts and high-quality products, so it’s no surprise that its batteries are some of the best on the market.

Yes, Member’s Mark batteries are made with the same high-quality materials and rigorous testing as Energizer’s other products.

Even though it is difficult to ensure that Member’s Mark batteries will last for several years, the Satisfaction Guarantee from Sam’s Club ensures the battery can provide power for up to 2 years.

With the battery’s acid leak-proof feature, Sam’s Club claims that each Member’s Mark battery will provide you with 10 years of shelf life.

However, 9V batteries from Member’s Mark have a shelf life of five years.

Along with this, their hearing aid batteries come in 13, 10A, 312, and 675 sizes and contain no mercury.

So, for all these reasons, people have been loving using Member’s Mark Batteries since the brand started.

What Is the Best Way to Buy Member’s Mark Batteries?

Among the other benefits, you can purchase Member’s Mark batteries both in-store and online.

You can easily find out what kinds of Member’s Mark batteries you need at your local Sam’s Club store, or you can Google Sam’s Club to buy Member’s Mark batteries online.

Furthermore, when you buy online, sometimes Sam’s Club gives you a special offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the following FAQ section to get some of the commonly asked questions answers about Members Mark Batteries.

Who Owns Sam’s Club?

As far as we know, Walmart is Sam’s Club’s mother company and primarily manufactures it in the USA. Sam’s Club is the primary retailer of Member’s Mark items. However, certain goods are also available at Amazon and Walmart.

How Good Are Member’s Mark AA Batteries?

Yes, Member’s Mark AA batteries are good enough to satisfy you. In regular usage, Member’s Mark’s AA batteries last nearly as long as an Energizer battery can last and last longer than a Duracell battery.

Are Duracell Batteries No Longer Sold at Sam’s Club?

Not at all. As we know, Sam’s Club offers a wide range of batteries intended to power various gadgets. They also sell Duracell batteries, besides Member’s Mark and Energizer batteries.

Are Member’s Mark Batteries Expensive?

Nope, if you consider the longevity of every Member’s Mark battery, you will find them better than Duracell. So, in terms of price, it may seem a little high, but at the end of the day, Member’s Mark batteries are not that expensive.

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Final Words

As far as we discovered, Member’s Mark is a sub-brand of Sam’s Club, and Energizer is in the key charge of producing batteries for Member’s Mark. Because the majority of Energizer’s production plants are in the USA, Member’s Mark batteries are most likely created in the nation (USA).

Furthermore, you will get Member’s Mark batteries in bulk volumes and in D, AA, AAA, C, 9V, and various sizes and shapes for hearing aids.

I hope this discussion has cleared up all your doubts about who makes Members Mark Batteries.

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