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With the insane lifespan and heavy-duty support, Motorcraft surely has a fan base of quite a big number.

I know people who are still using the original Motorcraft just fine, without needing a new one. This is quite understandable because you would find 6 more lead plates in Motorcraft compared to Interstates.

Every ford lover who has or is planning to get a Motorcraft battery has one question in common: who makes Motorcraft batteries? Does Ford have some special standards for this battery in particular?

Well, Johnson Controls used to manufacture the Motorcraft batteries. That until 2019 though. They sold off the battery part of their manufacturing system to Clarios in 2019.

Today, we’re talking about the Motorcraft battery history and its legacy. We’ll also address some of the most commonly asked questions about Motorcraft batteries.

What Makes Motorcraft Batteries Special?

First off, when you’re talking about Johnson Controls as the manufacturer of a battery, you already know it’s coming off with scientific precision. They manufacture the best batteries there has ever been in almost all heavy car names; ford being a big one.

As Ford uses Motorcraft batteries, they have special criteria to meet. Aside from Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln also use Motorcraft batteries on their vehicles.

Who makes Motorcraft Batteries?

As the most popular battery manufacturer, Johnson Controls manufactured Motorcraft batteries until 2019. They also manufacture Interstate, Energizer, and Diehards (older ones) alongside Motorcraft.

Who makes Motorcraft batteries New Maker New Technology

They finally sold off the Motorcraft part of their product lineup to Clarios in 2019. From then on, Clarios has been producing the Motorcraft batteries.

As the Motorcraft batteries were a part of the entire production line of Johnson Controls, it’s now a separate, individual entity.

Have a look at this tweet from Johnson controls, they declared the sale to Clarios in response to a query of Mark Isaac:

tweet of Johnson controls

Similar manufacturers in the current market besides Johnson Controls are:

  • Delco (Sears, newer Diehards)
  • GNB (Champion)
  • Exide (NAPA)

Despite having separated from Johnson controls, Clarios is continuing the supply of the excellent Motorcraft batteries to the Vehicle manufacturers including Ford.

Where Motorcraft Batteries Are Made?

You’ll find the Motorcraft battery all around the world, but it’s not manufactured everywhere.

To be precise, the battery is manufactured all over the US and in some places in Mexico.

Motorcraft Battery Product Line Up

Since they’ve become an individual lineup off of Johnson Controls, Clarios has evolved into a greater entity and has an extensive product lineup. They produce a vast range of batteries with a rebranding of Clarios.

As a primary product lineup variation, they make all types of popular batteries including:

  • AGM batteries
  • Flooded Lead acid batteries
  • Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Clarios XEV batteries
  • Smart AGM batteries

Motorcraft Clarios Batteries Use Cases

Clarios has evolved a lot after separating itself from Johnson Controls as its primary product is batteries.

Motorcraft Clarios Batteries Use Cases

You can find their state-of-the-art battery technology being used in a wide range of applications. Their batteries are widely common to find in:

  • Automotive vehicles
  • Commercial trucks and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Sports and regular motorbikes
  • Golf carts and other smaller vehicles
  • Lawn and garden care motor equipment
  • Marine usage and other water equipment

Their batteries have further been proven to be highly reliable, just the Motorcraft batteries did while under the name of Johnson Controls. You can find all sorts of batteries from them.

Among the primary battery types, Clarios also have different variations. For example, you can get two types of flooded lead acid batteries from them:

  1. Enhanced flooded (with low resistant separators)
  2. Standard flooded (with patented stamped grid design)

Their AGM batteries have two variations:

  1. Regular AGM (With valve design and reinforced case)
  2. Smart AGM (With optimized for low voltage power supply and EVs)

The Clarios XEV, on the other hand, is the best option for EV and Hybrid cars.

If your car is an EV and a modern one with technologies like Lidar and radar, you need smart AGM intelligent batteries.

smart AGM intelligent batteries

If you’re shopping for Ford Motorcraft batteries, Ford Motor Company is the one that owns the entity of Motorcraft. Founded back in 1972, Ford has been manufacturing its motor parts and batteries with the name Motorcraft ever since.

You can shop by the battery types they advertise as:

  • Tested Tough Max
  • Tested Tough Plus
  • Fleet Tough/Extra
  • Fleet Tough/Commercial
  • Specialty Battery
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)
  • Dual-Terminal Battery

Clarios Made Batteries Even Better

Clarios is now literally elevating the battery technology as we know it. They even came up with a superior performance technology named Powerframe®.

It’s a patented grid technology from Clarios that is more durable and corrosion-resistant. It provides better electrical flow than other grid technologies while using 20% less energy while manufacturing and has 20% less greenhouse gas emissions.

And to top that all off, Clarios is now collaborating with Natron to manufacture the world’s first sodium-ion batteries at a massive scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Motorcraft

Got some questions about Motorcraft batteries in mind? Here are some of the most frequently asked ones and answers to them:

How Good Are Motorcraft Batteries?

Clarios, formally Motorcraft batteries, are great for every purpose you might plan to use them for. Whether you’re planning to install it in your car, or in your boat, it can do well under both hot and humid conditions.

How Long Do Motorcraft Max Batteries Last?

Motorcraft batteries are beasts with a better disguise. Although the usual lifespan of flooded batteries is around 3 to 6 years, I’ve seen people using Motorcraft batteries for well over 8 years in a row.

What Is the Best Car Battery Brand?

Among the high-end car battery brands, Motorcraft, Clarios, EverStart, and DieHard are the most popular and highly functional ones. With around 640 to 850 cold-cranking amps, you can rely on these batteries for heavy-duty vehicles.

How Long Is the Warranty on A Motorcraft Battery?

As for assurance, you’re getting 36 months replacement warranty from ford for Motorcraft batteries. Even though the warranty covers you for 3 years, the expected lifespan of the Motorcraft batteries is way more than that.

What Brand Battery Does Ford Use?

Ford has its own manufacturing process for all sorts of motor parts including starters and batteries. Ford uses Motorcraft batteries and has around 7 different types and models for their battery lineup.

How Do I Claim My Motorcraft Battery Warranty?

If you’re using a Ford Motorcraft battery under the hood of your vehicle and got a bad battery, you can claim your warranty if it’s less than 36 months old. You have to go over to their warranty claiming page and claim yours with the credentials.

Is Motorcraft Max an AGM Battery?

Yes, Motorcraft Max has the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology in them. This technology is way better than traditional flooded lead acid batteries. They offer better backup, better low-voltage current, and don’t need any electrolyte refill. However, an completely discouraged AGM battery will take more effort to bring back to life.

Final Advice

Motorcraft batteries are one of the best battery technologies that we know of. Ford motors use these batteries in their vehicles as the primary option.

As you now know who makes Motorcraft batteries, you can rely on both Ford and Clarios as the battery suppliers. Before Clarios, it was Johnson Controls that produced the Motorcraft batteries for the most part.

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