Who Makes NAPA Batteries? Explore the Real Fact!

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You should hear about NAPA batteries if you have a car or are involved in the car business. NAPA batteries are prominent automobile batteries that have gained huge attention in the automobile industry. But the question is: Who makes NAPA batteries?

NAPA batteries are distributed and sold under NAPA Auto Parts, owned by Genuine Part Company. But the fact is neither NAPA nor GCP company manufactures NAPA batteries. The actual manufacturer of NAPA batteries is East Penn, based in the USA.

However, if you want to know more about the NAPA batteries manufacturer, read the content entirely last. Here you’ll find a comprehensive discussion about the manufacturer of NAPA batteries.

NAPA Batteries: A Brief History

NAPA batteries first entered the business in 1925 through the NAPA automobile parts, which Carlyle Fraser found. Afterward, East Penn, founded by Delight Jr., partnered with NAPA automobile parts to manufacture NAPA batteries.

Since then, East Penn has taken full responsibility for manufacturing high-quality NAPA batteries by maintaining all the standards. Now, NAPA has become one of the popular battery brands in the automobile industry.

Who Makes NAPA Batteries?

NAPA Auto Parts is the distributor of NAPA batteries, which is owned by Genuine Part Company. However, NAPA Auto Parts or Genuine Part Company do not typically manufacture NAPA batteries.

Who Makes NAPA Batteries

NAPA batteries have been manufactured by East Penn since 2009. This company was founded in 1946 as a top battery manufacturer in the USA. Apart from manufacturing NAPA batteries, East Penn makes Deka batteries, another prominent battery brand available in the market.

This battery manufacturing company ensures the maximum quality of the NAPA battery by maintaining all required standards. Due to their excellent performance and affordable price, NAPA batteries have gained huge popularity in the automobile industry. Right now, more than 6,000 distributions of NAPA Auto Parts stores are available in the USA.

Different Types of NAPA Batteries

East Penn manufactures different types of NAPA batteries, and the batteries vary from car to car. However, here we’ve talked about some widely used NAPA batteries currently available on the market.

Different Types of NAPA Batteries

1. NAPA Power Battery

NAPA Power battery is one of the most ideal batteries for automobiles. Due to the affordable price, most car owners go for power batteries. Apart from a cost-effective price, this battery offers a high starting capacity and is maintenance-free. Besides, the NAPA power battery is compatible with most car models, and installing this battery is quite easy.

2. NAPA Legend Battery

Legend battery is another best automobile batteries manufactured by NAPA. This battery comes with a dynamic starting power that can be easily adjusted. Not only that, Legend battery has a substantial reserve capacity that will meet the demands of the connected devices in your cars. NAPA Legend battery is typically manufactured using advanced computer technology, making it a complex, durable, and well-fitted battery.

3. NAPA Legend Premium AGM Battery

If you need to change your car battery frequently, you should go for the NAPA Legend Premium AGM battery. With a NAPA Legend Premium AGM battery, you can ensure a long-lasting life, better performance, and functionality. In extreme temperatures, this battery provides protection and stability. Even the tight fitting of this battery can withstand extreme vibrations and make it spill and leak-proof.

Why Should You Choose NAPA Batteries?

Due to several reasons, NAPA batteries have gained significant attention in the automobile industry. Some major benefits of having a NAPA battery have been discussed below. This will help you to understand why you should choose this battery.

Why Should You Choose NAPA Batteries

Built with High-Quality Materials

Leakage is a common problem with most vehicle batteries. However, NAPA batteries still stand out with a reliable build. Users can ensure maximum safety as the batteries are designed with stable housing and construction. The Polypropylene case of NAPA batteries helps to reduce the corrosion and related factors that contribute to reducing the performance, increasing the batter’s lifetime.

Advanced AGM Design

Compared to regular battery brands, NAPA AGM batteries are manufactured with the best technology available in the battery industry. This helps to promote the vehicle’s battery reservation capacity, which produces maximum power when starting. Besides, AGM technology batteries last twice that of regular batteries and require a short time to charge.

Spill-Proof Design

NAPA batteries are designed with suspended electrolytes that prevent leaking or spilling. Even in winter, the battery’s liquid won’t freeze, while most other batteries tend to freeze. With this spill-proof feature, you can ensure you don’t have to add water and check the level frequently of your vehicle.

Fewer Terminals

The NAPA batteries have only two terminals, making them easy to maintain. You can even ensure standard performance from the battery without regular maintenance. Besides, NAPA batteries can stand firm against meticulous usage, which helps you to keep in peace even in harsh climate conditions.

Decent Warranty

NAPA offers a decent warranty ranging from 90 days to 36 months, depending on the battery models and types. Within the warranty period, if the battery fails, NAPA will replace it without any charge. You’ll need to just show the original purchase receipt and warranty card to claim the warranty.

General Classification of NAPA Batteries

There are three category batteries manufactured by NAPA which fit different vehicles. Here we’ve pointed out the categories of NAPA batteries.

  • Automobile Batteries: In the NAPA battery production lineup, a significant portion of batteries are manufactured for motor vehicles. Of the different types of NAPA automobile batteries, AGM batteries are the first choice of most car owners due to their effectiveness in bumpy and rough areas.
  • Multi-sport Batteries: NAPA also manufactures batteries for recreational vehicles, including motorbikes, ATVs, go-karts, snowmobiles, and the like. NAPA batteries are so powerful that they can easily satisfy the demand for these leisure vehicles.
  • Deep Cycle: Apart from multi-sports, NAPA also manufactures deep cycle batteries. These batteries consume less energy over time, making them sustain power for a longer time. With NAPA deep cycle batteries, you can ensure the battery will power your car to start the engine in any conditions.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About NAPA Batteries

Along with immense popularity, there are several queries arise about NAPA batteries. For that, here we’ve answered some questions that are most asked frequently. For any query you are looking for, check the section.

How Long Does a NAPA Battery Last?

According to NAPA Auto Parts, the average lifespan of NAPA batteries is between 3 and 5 years. However, depending on multiple factors such as charging habits, climate, and maintenance can reduce the lifespan of a NAPA battery.

Who Sells NAPA Batteries?

NAPA batteries are sold by Napa-authorized stores physically all around the world. Typically, NAPA has over 6,000 stores in the USA and 600 in Canada. However, you can also purchase NAPA batteries online. If you don’t know where a NAPA store is, you can take the helps “Please Locate Stores” option in the top-right corner of the webpage to locate your nearest store.

Is NAPA Batteries Worth It?

Considering the benefits, a NAPA battery is really worth it. This is because NAPA offers a high-quality battery with a decent warranty. Although NAPA batteries cost more than $100 to $600 or more, buying a battery will be worth your purchase.

Can I Install A Battery Through NAPA?

Yes, you can install a NAPA battery through a NAPA Auto Care Center. In that case, you’ll have to take your car nearest Napa-authorized Auto Care center. The good thing is NAPA Auto Care Center won’t charge for battery installation.

How Does the Napa Battery Return Policy Work?

Napa standard lead-acid batteries have a 30-day return policy, while AGM batteries have a 60-day return policy. However, whether you can claim the return policy of a Napa battery completely depends on the battery’s condition.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you’ve now unraveled the secret behind the powerhouse of NAPA batteries: East Penn! As a privately-owned enterprise, East Penn is responsible for creating and distributing these remarkable batteries through NAPA Auto Parts.

The NAPA battery family boasts an impressive lineup, featuring NAPA Power, NAPA Legend, and the premium NAPA Legend AGM battery. Each is uniquely designed to cater to your automotive needs.

Confidence radiates from East Penn, the maker of NAPA batteries, as they stand firmly behind the performance and longevity of their creations. Rest assured, with a generous warranty accompanying every battery, you can experience the NAPA difference without worrying.

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