Who Makes Rural King Batteries? The Secret You Should Know

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In the automotive industry, Rural King has been made a tumult with its durable and reliable batteries. This brand’s batteries offer excellent performance and vibration resistance, making them popular among car users. However, have you ever thought: Who makes Rural King batteries for automobiles?

Exide Technologies, LLC, an American battery manufacturing company, typically makes Rural King batteries. In 1888, Exide started as an electric storage battery company. Now, Exide Technologies, LLC, has become one of the leading battery manufacturing companies in the USA.

This little information may not be enough to get a good idea about the manufacturer of Rural King batteries. For that, below, we’ve made an in-depth discussion about the manufacturer of this battery. So, let’s dig into the content and explore all about the Rural King battery.

Why Do Most People Prefer Rural King Batteries?

There are several reasons why most people prefer using Rural King batteries. Some significant benefits of using Rural King batteries have been explained below.

Why Do Most People Prefer Rural King Batteries

  • Build Materials: Rural King batteries are made with high-quality materials that differentiate them from any other brand. Typically, solid build materials help to prevent the battery from any issue with flammable liquid inside.
  • LifeGrid Technology: LifeGrid technology helps Rural King batteries to provide superior durability and reliable power. This ensures your battery is always charged and ready to power your applications.
  • Higher Cold Cranking Amps: Rural King batteries offer a higher rating of cold cranking amps (CCA) than any other brand. It will help you to start a car even in cold weather conditions.
  • Decent Warranty: Along with a 24-month free replacement, Rural King batteries have a 72-month limited warranty. With this warranty, you can assure that if anything goes wrong with the battery, you can replace it with a new one.
  • Excellent Reserve Capacity: Reserve capacity actually determines how long a battery will run when you connect with loads. Rural King batteries offer an excellent reserve capacity range of 50 – 225 (minutes), depending on the battery model.

Who Makes Rural King Batteries?

Exide Technologies, LLC, a leading battery manufacturing company, makes Rural King batteries. It is an America-based Stored Electrical-energy Solutions, which has manufactured and recycled different batteries for over 130 years.

Who Makes Rural King Batteries

As Exide Technologies LLC, ensures better battery quality compared to any other manufacturer, Rural King company collaborates with this company. Due to the quality build, Rural King has now gained a good reputation in the battery industry.

A Short Overview Of Exide Technologies, LLC

Exide Technologies, LLC is a leading global manufacturing company based in Milton, Georgia, USA. In 1888 William Warren Gibbs founded Exide Technologies, LLC as an Electric Storage Battery Company. Now this company has become one of the top multinational battery manufacturing companies in the USA.

A Short Overview Of Exide Technologies

It manufactures different types of batteries for various reputed brands, including Rural King. Exide makes car batteries, motorcycle batteries, RV batteries, marine batteries, lawn and garden batteries, and more. At present, Exide supplies different batteries in around 80 countries around the world.

Besides manufacturing batteries, Exide Technologies, LLC also recycles old batteries to ensure eco-friendly environments. Exide Technologies, LLC has been awarded different certificates for manufacturing high-quality batteries, including a new contract to manufacture batteries for the US military.

Different Types of Rural King Batteries

Rural King offers several types of batteries for different applications. Here we’ve discussed five widely used kinds of Rural King batteries.

Different Types of Rural King Batteries

Automobile Battery

Rural King-manufactured automobile batteries come with a substantial reserve capacity. This helps the battery to withstand the high electrical loads of a car. Besides, Rural King’s automobile batteries offer excellent CCA ratings, high vibration resistance, a decent warranty, and low maintenance.

Classic Battery

Rural King’s classic batteries offer an outstanding 650 cold cranking Amp (CCA) to power even in extreme weather conditions. Apart from higher CCA, classic batteries come with a 12-month initial and 60-month limited warranty.

Commercial Battery

Along with automobile and classic batteries, Rural King has a commercial battery series. Batteries of this series offer higher vibration resistance, low acid discharge, a CCA rating of 821, and less cashing deformation. This type of battery typically comes with a 12-month replacement and a 24-month extended guarantee.

Golf Cart Battery

Rural King’s Golf Cart battery series offers 186 amp-hour, providing power for at least 20 hours without interruption. Additionally, this battery is integrated with an RC connector that works as a resistor for large amperage. However, the size of this battery is ideal for any application.

Lawn & Garden Battery

In the Rural King production, lawn, and gardening batteries are the most compatible designs that are easy to attach. Due to the calcium structure, this battery ensures consistent power and doesn’t rust even in a moist environment. Besides, the polypropylene fitting prevents leakage and cracking along with minimizing vibration.

What Size Rural King Battery Do I Need?

Here we’ve made a chart with the information on Rural King automobile batteries. This will help you to know what size Rural King battery you need.

Battery Size CCA Rating Amps (Hour) Reserve Capacity (Min)
24F 520 75 50
35 650 95 75
41 700 95 125
65 825 115 200
75 900 125 225
H5 750 110 175
H8 850 110 200

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Rural Battery?

Choosing the right battery can be daunting, especially when a brand has a wide range of models like Rural King. For that, here we’ve talked about some factors that will help you to pick the right battery.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Rural Battery

  • Type: As you’ve already seen, several types of Rural King batteries are available on the market. So, you should first consider why you need a battery. For example, if you need an automobile battery, you have to go for the Rural King automobile battery series.
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): You should also consider how many cold cranking amps (CCA) the battery has. In that case, the higher the CCA, the better for a car. So, you should choose a battery with more than 700 CCA that will be better for a car.
  • Reserve Capacity: Reserve capacity can be varied depending on the battery types and models, especially if you are looking for a car battery. You have to choose a battery with a higher reserve capacity. Otherwise, it can affect your car’s overall performance.
  • Additional Features: Apart from considering the above factors, you must ensure your chosen battery is vibration resistant and leak-proof. Additionally, the battery should also have a decent warranty and high-performance rating.

How to Maintain a Rural King Battery?

Degradation is a common nature of batteries that leads to damage over time. However, following some measures, you can reduce the degradation rate. Below we’ve pointed out some tips to maintain Rural King batteries.

  • Regular Test Battery Voltage: Regularly testing your battery voltage will help to save the battery from sudden breakdown or failure. To check the voltage, you can do it yourself or take any qualified mechanics’ help.
  • Don’t Leave the Battery Unused for a Long Period: Leaving a battery unused for a long time is one of the main reasons it breaks down. So, you have to charge the battery frequently.
  • Clean The Battery Regularly: Dampness or dirt on a battery can cause leakage on the battery case or corrosion on the terminals, leading to short circuits. So, you should keep the battery surface clean by removing grime or dirt with a dry cloth.
  • Minimize Using Electric Accessories: Using lightning kits, radios, or something like that can cause your car battery to drain faster. To avoid this, you have to change the habit of using additional electrical accessories on your vehicle.
  • Service Your Car Regularly: If you want to avoid unexpected breakdowns with your battery, you should service your car on a regular basis. In that case, you’ll just have to take your car to a nearby service center and ask to check the battery.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Rural King Batteries

Apart from knowing the manufacturer of Rural King batteries, people have several queries about this brand. That’s why we’ve answered some questions here that people ask frequently. Check this section; you may find the answers helpful.

Where Can I Buy Rural King Batteries?

You can purchase Rural King batteries from any Rural King’s retailing stores. Rural King has over 100 retail stores across 13 states in the USA. However, you can also purchase batteries from the online store of Rural King.

Who Makes Rural King AA Alkaline Batteries?

Rural King AA Alkaline Batteries are manufactured by Ningbo Battery & Electrical Appliance Co Ltd. This type of battery is usually designed to power wireless mouses, remotes, toys, flashlights, and more.

Are Rural King Batteries Reconditioned?

No, Rural King batteries are not reconditioned; even the company doesn’t sell any reconditioned batteries. Exide Technologies, LLC manufactures new batteries for Rural King. So, using Rural King batteries is absolutely safe.

Do Rural King Batteries Has Any Return Policy?

Yes, Rural King has a 30-day return policy that enables any buyer to return a battery within thirty days of purchase. The buyer must show the purchase receipt and battery warranty card to claim the return policy. Rural King authority will refund the full amount through either credit to your payment method or cash.

Can I Claim the Return Policy for Rural King Battery Without a Receipt?

Yes, it is possible to claim a return policy for a Rural King battery without a receipt. In that case, you’ll be eligible only for a refund as a gift or store credit. With store credit, you can only purchase products equal to or greater than the value of your purchased King Rural battery.

Wrapping Up

The discussion above may help you to understand: Who makes Rural King batteries? Exide Technologies, LLC, an American battery manufacturing company, typically makes batteries for Rural King.

This company makes different types of batteries for several applications, including automobiles, commercial, golf carts, and lawn & gardening. Due to its high quality and performance, Rural King batteries have gained huge popularity in the battery industry.

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